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Exorcist Teacher volume4 cover: Dog Monster

This is the forth episode of the Exorcist Teacher which had published by Spring publications.

Comparing to the previous episodes, I used bright and vibrant colors for this illustration due to the difference of subject matter and its environment. I had a lots of fun drawing the dog monster, I haven’t got many chances to draw something like this.

Hopefully you enjoy this work!
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The firedog tries to catch an innocent soul,
quick a spell, to bound the evil ghost, before it takes its toll.
The fight is hard, use all your powers, you have to, if you want to reach your goal.
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i remembering jigoku sensei nube....
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This is really cool. I think you did an amazing job on the creature, he is scary as hell. Love the colors and the details on the characters. Nice poses too!
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That is some really nice work.
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Wow it looks amazing especially the look in the girls eyes as the guy is taking out the spirit...
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This looks amazing
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WOW! That's so amazing and intense! The composition is really nice and the flames look fantastic.
Nice.                                                                                                                                                                                             :flame: remake 
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awesome! amazing coloring.:)
SoraMix16's avatar looks so epic and awesome! *-*
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awesome!!! great work!
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Omg, this is AMAZING.... all those details! Q//A//Q
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WOW! This is really awesome! I like how great detailed background is and characters. Amazing colors!
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I loved their expression and your painting is very good 
Also the dog looks very amazing 
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