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Exorcist Teacher volume2 cover: Zhong Kui Master

This is the illustration I did for the novel "Exorcist Teacher volume2 cover: Zhong Kui Master" which waas published by Spring publications on March 24th, 2015.
You can see more information via its official website below(Chinese):…

I'm always interested about the theme of Zhong Kui which is a traditional doll in Chinese culture. I'm glad that I have a chance to depict the theme by this work.

Hope you like this work, and see you next time. :) (Smile)
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where is the first one of this series?
I see 5 of them in the gallery but cannot find the first one in the series.
can you link me to it please?
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Shadow's light of possession, black magic in rage,
taking a poor soul in a harsh and strong grip,
the excorcist putting together every inch of spells to
take it out from the abyss-pit. In the room eerie evil shadows appear,
now starts the combat, the score is open, who will win? Hope for the better side,
decision point is near.
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Repel all evil.
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This is beautiful , absolutely stunning i love the emotion this picture provokes you are just marvelous.
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Great work!

Who's the little character?
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askgasjkd your coloring is always so amazing!
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Looks wonderful, love their poses!
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Awesome, looks great
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so much beautiful colors
             :Lotus: - NaNoEmo 
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Oh, my goodness! WOW! This is so intense! This is just so very amazing! Chiyo wow Icon 
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