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Dragons with Egyptian Treasure

By bcnyArt
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Dragons with Egyptian Treasure
May 14, 2014.

This work in my Pixiv:…

This illustration was illustrated for my school's assignment. Initially I didn't have a specific concept of it, the only thing I had was few elements: a girl, dragons and treasure. The rest of stuff in this illustration was added in the process of drawing.

After adding dragons into scenery, I suddenly had an idea of Egyptian elements. Therefore I developed the illustration to more Egyptian-looking (The ending song from JoJo's also appeared to my mind several times). I spent many time taking care about the relationship between foreground and background. Hope I had displayed what I want to achieve in the end. The accessories in my work this times looks more like matte golden texture. It was an another interesting experiment. 

I added shadows when the illustration closed to be finished. The shadows emphasized focal point and decreased the rest of the objects in the foreground. I added two little Anubis into the canvas for creating funny and storytelling. Furthermore, it also made the composition of this illustration became a triangular shape.

Hopeful you like the illustration I brought this times! If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to write down here.
Meanwhile, also welcome to share this illustration via Facebook from my personal facebook page below, thank you: ) 
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I really like the dept you putted in this piece, works great !
You got a pretty strong line here, making it feel captivating ^^
(not sure on how you call this in english but you got me xD)
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leonaenaeHobbyist General Artist
Hey there I noticed you read my note but didnt respond n_n
I dont want to be a bother, but I was curious of your response?
Does that mean yes you dont care, or no why did you have the gall to ask me?
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Chaunga-GuProfessional Photographer
Your work is absolutely amazing!!
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torivan6Professional Digital Artist
brilliant work 
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CuteSkittyHobbyist Digital Artist
great coloring! I love all the details that you did to her clothes.
fantastic job ^^ 
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Cestarian Digital Artist
Treasure indeed :la: you say you want criticism, the only bad point I'm finding in this picture is her entire torso as well as her butt maybe looking a bit... off, it looks like a football (it should be lower if you know what I mean)

otherwise her stomach is quite the mess, but the more obvious part is that her boobs underneath her arm are messed up, if you look between her arms you can see that she has quite the rack, but where the stomach and boobs meet it looks like she's flat (needs harder edges I think, and her left boob needs to be more clearly defined as the more visible one) to fix this you could define the shape of her boobs better so it's visible through the bra, or you could make the bra slightly smaller/boobs slightly bigger so we can see a sort of "Underboob" so that we can see clearly where the boobs really end and her stomach starts.

But details :meow: great work!!! :eager:
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KayisokHobbyist Traditional Artist
the lighting is awesome (^_^)
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LazyMusician10Student Artist
AWESOMZ!!! I love the close up of the face and just everything else! lol its magnificent! O.o
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EnkiLilstA8411Professional Artist
bwhaha im gonna steal Egyptian gold of Pyramid Dignity Laugh Troll!!! Smarty i mean borrow it Laughing 
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OrmilleStudent Filmographer
how beautiful!
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AandersonnHobbyist Artist
Very beautiful work :) (Smile) Heart
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PsycadelaHobbyist Digital Artist
amazing work!
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Jakemono Digital Artist
I love all your work, through colours to the ideas and forms, and this one is just as awesome as your previous stuff. The expression and the details... I love it. :D I do have a suggestion tho, and something small that bothers me here: the back of her head. Right now it looks like her head is wider than it is long horizontally. And I did notice the hair flowing from the back of the crown :)

Keep em coming, you're awesome!
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DarkerEveProfessional Digital Artist
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MothedriHobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome work!Love the details!
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dinmoneyProfessional Digital Artist
Love the perspective, great piece (=
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AdamScytheProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome job! ,)
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EKKnightHobbyist Writer
Wow this is amazing. 
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Timothi-EllimStudent General Artist
Right away, I'm loving the design of her outfit, especially her headdress and her bracelets/accessories.
Though it was the colours drew me to this piece, it was her eyes that made me stay and stare - also her pose which is interesting.
All in all, I love this piece for the character! :)
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Nice.                                                                                                                                                                                              :golddragon: 
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