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The lewdest show about a guy learning to be a candy salesman. I love his character.
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this is so cool! :)
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Man, I love this manga.
              [Happy] Mochi Tokyo MiniPixel 
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Love the style and coloring going on!
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It's beautiful . . .T^T
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Her purple hair is so cute!
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lovely...very lovely! :clap:
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The shading is beautiful *_*
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I don't know anything about the character... but I must say this is a beautiful piece. The pose is great and the coloring is too. As far as antonym you got that down. I don't see any flaws but if there is the way you drew it everything flows right. The only thing is kinda weird but I don't see a problem is her left eye with the hair comes together, I would have drawn it close so she would wink so it wouldn't have the clash.  
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Thanks for your suggestion! I did some change for the bangs on her left eye in the finished illustration.
I thought the result could be better but I couldn't find a good way to resolve it : s. 
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it's cool! I wanted to try to help out. It's still a lovely drawing. :D 
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The series is fun to read.
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Even better with colors
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