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Ashui Tsuyu - My Hero Academia


This manga series will be transferred to be anime in April 2016! Although I might not watch it every episodes, but I'm looking forward to it and see what the animation will look like.

You can review its linework from here:
My Hero Academia by bcnyArt 
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I just came across this looking for content related to My Hero Academia because today's the first I heard of the series. However, I have an Idea on who Tsuyu is to the series. That being said, I think the character's likeness was captured accurately thru your 'stencil' drawing earlier. However, I can see some very crude lines now that you added the color. I'm unaware of your style so take what I say with a grain of salt but it is just something I noticed the more I stared at it. Also I see an inconsistency in shading but only a little, nothing major.
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Numbuh 3, is that you?
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Tyusu is one of my favorite charcter. Her quirk is cool.
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I'm looking forward to this coming april for that very reason. Interesting line work you have going here. Is it inspired by Van Gough? 
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Hands down the best girl. Even more impressive considering her competition.
(ha, shounen series with so much waifu material. weird)
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Im wierded out by the fact that out of all the characters in this anime Tsu turns out to be my Waifu... I was expecting the giant lady to be my waifu to be honest..
CocaArts's avatar
Amazing! Wichtig I could draw like this!
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She is cute I gotta see more of her lol
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one of the most interesting heroes at UA, they definitely need to focus on her a bit more o3o
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This is an amazingly beautiful art style, you just gain a fan!!
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ahhh your colouring is so lively!! I love all those line strokes! ^^
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Yay colored version! This is awesome <3

I'm sooooooooooo hype for the anime~
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Great coloring fan art.
StaleMeat's avatar
I like how you colored this.
theCHAMBA's avatar
love it.
One of my fave characters from that manga, for sure
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Never read the manga but love the art here. Especially the jumpsuit. It kinda reminds me of the green rangers costume from Power Rangers Mystic Force but with a few add ons. Im favoriting this ^-^
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She's a frog, nice.
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I am totally in love with the art style! never seen anything like that, great work :)
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Don't know the manga but your drawing of her looks really cool!
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