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Seven Deadly Sailor Sins

By bchan
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~sticks a fork in it~

The WIP version with commentary: [link]
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I love this! And Ami is all: Say what?
SailorSimon23's avatar
such an automatic favourite! Love it to pieces!!!!
Sango31283's avatar
Cute and so perfect! <3
Zeldaboyz's avatar
thats cute....
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Incredible artwork!!
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Lol, I love how Ami's just chillin' and totally NOT sinful. xD
Eyzmair-chan's avatar
haha, i find those perfect!
Sagasimon's avatar
love the idea xD
AnimeChunks's avatar
very nice, love Gluttony
Eyzmair-chan's avatar
she's my favorite character too :D lol
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Hey, great job, I really like it.

Although, I would have maybe put Mina looking onto Amy getting good marks as envy and maybe Serena and Rini fighting over the TM doll in greed..

But I do like what you've done here!
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Good pairings! ^^
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Awww, never thought the 7 deadly sins could look so cute X3 great job.
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I didn't watch sailor moon too much, and the only thing I could really remember is that serena (usagi?) was really lazy and tuxedo mask being amazing.
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lol thats hilarious. Is sailor mercury not one of the seven deadly sins?
LovelyLocks's avatar
Absolutely stunning~!!! You are one clever gal~! :star:

Mina chan is so cute~! X3
SweetPlushieCake's avatar
Nice, you matched them up very well.
SqueakyMcBeal's avatar
Hey, you finished the 7 sins! Aww, they're so cute!
FreakingArG's avatar
Seems like such a contradiction for the 7 sins to be placed out so cutely lol
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