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Sailor Saturn

By bchan
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(3rd attempt trying to upload this... what's up with DA today?)

Sailor Saturn, who will kick your ass all over the universe :P

Colored pencil, brush pens, tweaked in photoshop
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My Fave Sailor Scout! Next comes Sailor Mars-She loves the screams of children, Sailor Jupitor-She/He has paied a lot for this shit, and Sailor Venus-She's seen bigger.
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awwww! so cute! i love chibi and my favorite sailor scout is saturn! now sailor saturn is on chibi! i freaking <3 it!!!!
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Sailor Saturn is awesome, and she looks cool in this quirky little style of yours!
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haha this picture looks "G"

see it?


I think bchan is cool.
so is Sailor Saturn. lol
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Sailor Saturn was always my favourite.... I like this mystical dark sphere that surrounds her...

I really find your style very interesting! This combination of US-cartoon and Manga/Anime fits actually together better than I would've expected.

Very nice indeed!
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Awwww she is absolutley Adorable!!!!
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Ohh I love it!

It'ss going for my favs now!
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I love her expression !!!
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Awesome! She's Very Beautiful! :clap:
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hell yeah, Hotaru was my fav character, well her and ami..WOOT. its beautiful!
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Good job. <coughSailorJupiterishottercough> Seriously, though. I can't wait for more.
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OMG, how cute...I like Sailor Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe very much ^_^
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CUTENESS!!!! ^o^
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Cute! I love it!
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KAWAII!!! Very good in your style ^^
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She looks really cute, actually. ^_^ Love it!
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Cool, I like it a lot. :D
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Sailor Saturn looks so cool!!!=D
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YAY! Sailor Saturns my fav!
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Awww, this is really cute! <3 So faveing it.
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