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Once upon a time and there is still..

[ITA] " C'era una volta,
una promiscua e diabolica principessa...
Affamata di cuori nobili e bella come il peccato. "

1# 3# 4#

Character: Sebastian Michaelis, from
BlackButler/ Kuroshitsuji.

I left the white background
(it's two days that I try to change it ... but I do not accept that the eye be distracted by the background)
Because I wanted point out only the coloration of Sebastian
... This time I Can Say That I am very proud of this coloration.
Of him I would not change a semicolon.
Maybe the rest ... but him, never.

Spero che vi piaccia. [is a big file xD]
[ENG] I hope that you like it.

I colored it with SAI and finished it with PhotoShop.
I used the brushes by :iconmouritsada-stock:

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Oct 4, 2011, 4:18:42 PM
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"One hell of a princess" I don't know why I can imagine this happening at my school in the middle of lunch. It's like: "OMG look, it's Snow Black!" "ONE HELL OF A PRINCESS! OH YEAH!" It's kinda weird. Oh, is this a genderbend?
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no is a man in a woman dress xD yes is weird but i love it so much
Alex829's avatar
Genderbent? Lol XD
bc-hell's avatar
yes , is the fairy tale version of the genre xD
Alex829's avatar
Oh hell of a princess, isn't she? XD
bc-hell's avatar
hell yeah xD <3
Tuliharja-art's avatar
Interesting...Really...interesting. I like this. :D
bc-hell's avatar
I'm glad you like it :)
Kimiko-Otaku's avatar
Oh my God....amazing!!!!!
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Questa mi fa morire!
bc-hell's avatar
quell'inferno di DarkLady xD
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♥___♥ *can't form a normal comment* I love it and it also amuses me. :love:
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XDD would be a perfect princess(one hell of princess)
Kaishiru's avatar
I think I would die if I see something like that. XDD
bc-hell's avatar
died laughing, you mean? XDDD me too
Kaishiru's avatar
Yeah, I'd die laughing. :D I should have said that. XDD
bc-hell's avatar
OH, you read the answer to the note that I sent?
Kaishiru's avatar
Yes, I did and I've answered back of course. ^_^ (It took a bit because I didn't have tumblr open.)
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uh, no. I have not received anything. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that you can ask a request, as I promised in the past.
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