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Unchained Melody

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background by ~desideriasp-stock desideriasp-stock.deviantart.c…

Storm Cloud by ~DH-Textures…

Mist by ~FreeRidingSoul…

model by `faestock…

hair by =CindysArt…

chain by ~camelfobia…

chain by ~demontroll…

chain by =M10tje…

other effects made by me in photoshop
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Aug 13, 2013, 8:08:18 PM
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Ddp064k-992c1cbf-7744-4ce1-b785-c49ee6d93d11 by YOKOKY  oh .... super- creativity-expression-concept-everything is divine- you were born to create-indeed! Ddksmlz-622f31ff-f9bc-490e-a23a-470595e54203 by YOKOKY  
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Awwww Thank you very much for your kind words. It really makes doing this worthwhile ! For-You by KmyGraphic baby teddy by little-one-girl
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  Dcr75d2-11d2ee82-b83c-447d-aba8-2485657390d9 by YOKOKY         Ddo48vq-bea59cbe-4607-4b07-a925-67a8136cc5a0 by YOKOKY
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amanın !!!! a very scary typeEyepopping 
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hehehe !!! I agree with what you say !!!Heart 
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good work congratulations my dear :hotkiss 
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Oh, how nice of you,  thank you soooo much for your wonderful compliment! :)
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This certainly seems eerie. I have to wonder what kind of personal hell someone must be in to have banshees coming from nowhere and screaming in their ears (Maybe an idea of hearing voices in one’s head).

Or, given the spraying water mist, the dark stormy clouds and whatever else, this could be the tale of a ship’s captain hearing the beautiful voice of a siren and drifting off-course, only to find out, too late, that she’s not the beautiful angel he envisioned. :hmm:


And the worst part is… she’s hungry and ready to feast. :o


Certainly a change of pace from your other work “Waiting for Peter Pan” which I took a look at previously; a pace that goes from mesmerising to unsettling in very little time (though that’s not to say anything bad at all about the work.) I think it’s fair to say that this was a great showcase of broadening your horizons; a true sign of a quality artist.


Please, keep up the striking work! :clap:

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Beautiful!!!I cannot thank you enough nor express with words how
grateful I truly am.!!:iconplzhug:
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Just that reply is thanks enough. All I only ask is you continue doing what you do. :)
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Thank you for adding a smile, inspiration and motivation to my day !Heart Heart Heart 
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No worries at all, my friend! :)
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Thank you :iconfloatingheartplz: very much appreciated :iconfloatingheartplz:
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Oh my - NOT what we were expecting...

But very striking!
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Thank you very much !!!😘🌹
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Inquieting and great visual effect
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