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The Sky Cries With Me 4


The Sky Cries With Me


Rain falls down,
Washes away my soul.
You took my last hope,
You took my drive.
You stomped on what little I had of pride.
The sky cries with me,
On this night.
The sky cries on me,
Light kisses telling me not to die.

Lightning flashes,
A gift from above.
Lightning flashes,
Just like love.
It kills you with one strike,
Fries your insides.
But one strike wasn?t enough for you tonight.
The sky cries with me, 

Rain drops mixed with tears.
Rain drops mixed with love.
The clouds pour down,
My tears never slow.
Cries out saying "WHY?"
Unheard over thunder.
Cries out saying "WHY ME WORLD?"
Whisked away down the street,
To plummet down in a gutter.

The sky cries with me,
On this night tonight.
The sky cries with me,
And it to, wonders why.
The sky cries with me,
And I don?t feel so alone.
In a thunder storm,
Is where I find myself tonight,
Crying with the sky.

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Thank you!!!That’s really sweet of you!!!