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This group caters to:

- Geeks, Old School BBSers, BBS SysOps / Users
- Demoscene / Independent Music, Artscene (ANSi / ASCii)
- BBS Software Support, Echomail / Syndication
- Gamers, Social Networking
- Anyone who gives a fuck to know what the heck I'm even talking about :)

All forms of art are allowed. Including photography in relation to yourself personally, or any BBS Scene Social events you've ever hosted or attended.

To best explain what this group is about, I think I'll quote the line that Marshall Masters came up with for The Sagan Project which goes like this: "We WELCOME all who RESPECT our FREE WILL. If you CHOOSE to HELP, then help us to help ourselves. There is GOOD HERE too. WE LOOK for a reply."
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Dec 24, 2009


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69 Members
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Honkler Clown World Enamel Pin LMT ED by paradigm-shifting
hello mito legacy ASCII profile-shot by mitoXD
Trendy Virtue Signals by paradigm-shifting
DA ID 2018-01-20 by paradigm-shifting
BBS Gatherings, Events and Parties
Ass Burn by paradigm-shifting
Dont Get ANSI With Me by paradigm-shifting
Xpresit Synchweb Header 01 by paradigm-shifting
Illegal To Breed by paradigm-shifting
Text Groups and Creative Writing
My review of Wix by GeneralTate
ANSi and ASCii
ASCii Hoofs AF by mitoXD
ASCII Jandl by mitoXD
ASCII mito by mitoXD
Instaget by Phracker
Creative Photomanipulations
PSEC Has Joined The MEME WARS by paradigm-shifting
Wanky Shit Pudding by paradigm-shifting
Make Earth The New Mars by paradigm-shifting
So Long And Thanks For All The Fish by paradigm-shifting
SVGA and Demoscene Youre a Homo by paradigm-shifting
Einstein.Progressive.Music.Cvr by paradigm-shifting

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Music.Video.Cover.VAGINA by paradigm-shifting
Hypersweet Magic.YouTube Cover by paradigm-shifting
Desktop Wallpapers
Rural Fantasy by SageFillyLuna
Travaille by SageFillyLuna
Monte Vista by SageFillyLuna
Corn Fields by SageFillyLuna
Sysops Corner
Oh Nine Won Five by paradigm-shifting
Vinton Cerf Reloaded by paradigm-shifting
Ph3a4 Th3 Asgua4d by paradigm-shifting
Retro Palaeo by paradigm-shifting
Operating Systems and Software
Manjaro-i3 ASCii Tank by mitoXD
ANSi Group SAC
Roy of SAC ANSI Logo by roy-sac
Blocktronics ANSi Group
Fil-blow.ans@2x by filth412
BBS ANSI Menus and Menu Systems
Malkavia Skull Welcome Screen by paradigm-shifting
Application and OS Themes and Addons
[USERSTYLE] Green Eclipse by Daemon-Illusionum
Honkler Stephan Kangz IT by paradigm-shifting
Awesome Cartoonists
Fire in Her Eyes by SageFillyLuna
Photography - Everything else
Shake the Disease by mitoXD
Misc Screenshots
Facebook Views Minds As Competition Threat by paradigm-shifting






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101 Devinations by paradigm-shifting 101 Devinations :iconparadigm-shifting:paradigm-shifting 18 45 Deviant Art GONE WILD by paradigm-shifting Deviant Art GONE WILD :iconparadigm-shifting:paradigm-shifting 0 12 My Ubuntu Desktop Best Form by TheGrayson My Ubuntu Desktop Best Form :iconthegrayson:TheGrayson 39 89 Matrix Tux: linux or win pill by Delere Matrix Tux: linux or win pill :icondelere:Delere 25 17 Osprey Demoscene DVD Cover by paradigm-shifting Osprey Demoscene DVD Cover :iconparadigm-shifting:paradigm-shifting 1 4 LMS HAPPY NEW YEAR LOGO by paradigm-shifting LMS HAPPY NEW YEAR LOGO :iconparadigm-shifting:paradigm-shifting 1 2 LMS Logo Button For Linking by paradigm-shifting LMS Logo Button For Linking :iconparadigm-shifting:paradigm-shifting 0 0 Osprey Radio Networks Link by paradigm-shifting Osprey Radio Networks Link :iconparadigm-shifting:paradigm-shifting 0 0 LMS BTRIAA NEWS Header by paradigm-shifting LMS BTRIAA NEWS Header :iconparadigm-shifting:paradigm-shifting 0 3 Boycott The RIAA by paradigm-shifting Boycott The RIAA :iconparadigm-shifting:paradigm-shifting 0 1 RIAA Is Losing by paradigm-shifting RIAA Is Losing :iconparadigm-shifting:paradigm-shifting 10 8 MC RIAAs by paradigm-shifting MC RIAAs :iconparadigm-shifting:paradigm-shifting 10 27 RIAA TOS Agreement by paradigm-shifting RIAA TOS Agreement :iconparadigm-shifting:paradigm-shifting 1 9 Who Really Gets The Money by paradigm-shifting Who Really Gets The Money :iconparadigm-shifting:paradigm-shifting 12 17 RIAA JUST BLOW ME by paradigm-shifting RIAA JUST BLOW ME :iconparadigm-shifting:paradigm-shifting 0 0 PROTESTING ZACK against RIAA by paradigm-shifting PROTESTING ZACK against RIAA :iconparadigm-shifting:paradigm-shifting 0 7

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Photoshop Tutorials some of which are submitted to this group and I am sure she will submit the rest here eventually but: until she does, check out her profile :)

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We know that no one slipped anything nasty into our cola when we ran across a "plz search engine" awhile back, but we're unable to locate it at the moment. If you know where it is, drop us a line. In the mean time, here are some other "plz databases" that people have made available.

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For deviantART or any other site

Open Source Web Design - Thousands of FREE downloadable HTML / CSS Templates!
Free CSS Templates - Thousands of FREE downloadable HTML / CSS Templates!
W3Schools - Easily learn CSS, HTML and many more things in plain simple English! Yes, its free :)
Flashterm - ANSI capable Telnet Terminal for the web written for the Adobe Flash Player plugin developed by Peter Nitsch. The client is based off the AS3ANSI open source library, and is completely FREE for download. Allow your website visitors to use your favorite Telnet Art Boards for Echomail Forums, IRC Chat, Games, Usenet, Email and so much more!
PJIRC - Complete Java IRC Client. It can be run from an applet, but can also be executed from any "stand alone" java virtual machine. Any website can give their viewers a very awesome FREE chat system to enjoy!

Pimpin' made easy

Glitterify - Fancy Text Generator. Good for deviantART Journal Headers, deviantART ID Box Additions and whatever else :)
YourSourceIsOpen - Creative Commons, Public Domain and otherwise completely free to use stuff, for your projects here on dA, and elsewhere.

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Aviary Tools - Image Editor, Screen Capture, Vector Editor, Effects Editor & More!
Meebo Messenger - AIM, Yahoo, Facebook, MSN, Gtalk, ICQ and more, all via the web!
OneTrueMedia - Make amazing videos by mixing your photos and video with effects, text and music. Easily post it online.

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GIMP - Like Photoshop, but better -- and free! (Windows / Linux)
Kdenlive - The most easy to use, free, bad-ass video authoring application! (Linux / Unix / MAC OSX / Virtualbox Appliance)
OpenOffice - Bad-ass, free and Open Source Office Suite! Supports all Microsoft Formats, PDF and More!)
Virtualbox - Run *any* Operating System inside of *any other* Operating System
openMPT based on Modplug Tracker - Create your own music! You are not required to read sheet music! (Windows / Linux ala WINE)
AVG Anti-Virus - Unlike the popular brand names, both the software and the updates are FREE. The Pro-version gives you extra bells and whistles, but those aren't required. The free basic version is good enough (Windows / Linux)
SyncTerm - Awesome "old school" Telnet Client with a lot of 21st Century bells, whistles and conveniences! Play games, post in Echomail / Usenet Forums, Chat on IRC & do lots more on your favorite Art BBSes! Remote-admin your PC ala SSH and all sorts of neat stuff! :D (Windows / Linux ala WINE)
Wubi Installer - Are you curious about Linux and Ubuntu? Trying them out has never been easier! Ubuntu installer for Windows users that can bring you to the Linux world with a single click. Install and uninstall Ubuntu as any other Windows application, in a simple and safe way. No need to burn a CD. Just run the installer, enter a password for the new account, and click "Install", go grab a coffee, and when you are back, Ubuntu will be ready for you. You keep Windows as it is, Wubi only adds an extra option to boot into Ubuntu. It works just like any other application. Wubi is free of spyware and malware, and being open source, anyone can verify that. If you do not like it, you can simply uninstall it as any other application. Wubi and Ubuntu cost absolutely nothing, but yet provide a state of the art, fully functional, operating system that does not require any activation and does not impose any restriction on its use.

Not some underpaid asshole reading from a script, actual assistance!

BBS Forum - BBS Forum is a community for BBSers of all varieties. From users, Sysops, and developers all welcome to share their times BBSing and the enjoyment brought by the hobby. This forum runs Vanilla Forums which is a web-based message forum software, designed with Social Networking Integration (ie: facebook, twitter, pintrest, etc).

YouTube: NixiePixel - A gorgeous young women with a personality to die for and best of all -- she knows more about Linux than most MALE Linux Geeks!

ButterScotch *beta - A fresh, friendly, smart and sticky portal into the world of technology. They help you do more with the tech you already own and turn you on to the latest and greatest in language everyone can understand. They promise not to talk down to you and to only talk up the most interesting and impactful software, trends, news, gadgets and gear if you promise to come back often. Have a look around and see what sticks! Butterscotch is a division of Tucows Inc. u're a guy who learns easier from a pretty face, a sweet voice and a kind heart -- then let NixiePixel school you in the ways of the Linux Side of the Force! :)

BBS: The Documentary - The Internet didn't just magically appear one day in the year 2000. The public Cyberspace known as the BBS Scene (1978 - PRESENT DAY) and Arpanet (1960s - PRESENT DAY Broadband Backbone) merged into what has become the awesome global community we all use today! Though Dialup BBSing is merely nostalgic and serves no practical purpose anymore -- modern day BBS Softwares such as MBSE, Synchronet and many, many others bring you that old school charm with 21st Century Technology! You can buy the DVD -- or -- you can watch it completely for FREE on Google Video!

ButterScotch *beta - A fresh, friendly, smart and sticky portal into the world of technology. They help you do more with the tech you already own and turn you on to the latest and greatest in language everyone can understand. They promise not to talk down to you and to only talk up the most interesting and impactful software, trends, news, gadgets and gear if you promise to come back often. Have a look around and see what sticks! Butterscotch is a division of Tucows Inc.

YouTube: sacreleases - Brought to you by roy-sac, Intro releases of the BBS Scene / Artscene / Demeoscene Group called "Superior Art Creations" aka "SAC". Next to intros, did members of the group also produce ANSI and ASCII text art, pixel art and music in "MODULE Format" (ie: *.mod, *.s3m, *.it, *.xm, *.stm, etc -- still in wide use today). Original Videos in higher quality and higher resolution as well as MODs used in intros. If you love art and music -- then you will find this historical archive to be quite entertaining!

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