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(Animated) Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes was first published 30 years ago today <3
Bill Watterson is amongst my biggest artistic influences, so here's to him!
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When I see it, I can hear Monkey Island music in my head.

Nice work!
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Your pixel works are awesome! This one as well (AND I'm a fan of Calvin & Hobbes ;)).

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Thank you so much! And aren't we all? haha <3
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Oh, C&H's 30th! God, with all that's been happening, it totally slipped my mind...
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when things are tough (like right now), hold on to the simple little things, like C&H Hug 
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I love this, I love C&H, and now I love you.
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well I love you too!
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My oh my this is beautiful. I really like how deliberate the pixels look and, as the previous comment said, the trees have some beautiful shading going on. Hobbes' tail is nicely animated too.

I'm also a big fan of Calvin & Hobbes, so to see it done in a medium I love is a real day brightened. Nice work.
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Thank you! I wanted to have more animation going on, such as both of them breathing and wind blowing, but the resolution's so tiny that moving even a pixel is too much :(
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woooooooow! this is amazing! awesome shading on the trees, man!
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