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Warrior to Nursemaid, Tornac
     "My lord, I am a warrior, not a nursemaid," growled Tornac.
     "Nonetheless, you will be this boy's guardian," replied the king, calm as a snake circling it's prey.
     "Do you not think my time would be put to better use doing something else?" cried Tornac, his frustration escaping him, "Let me train soldiers, take an army and go fight the Varden! There's no point in-"
     "Silence! You dare disobey my direct orders? I could have you beheaded for your insolence. The duty to raise this boy is yours, whether you like it or not. You are to guard him, teach him, train him. And if I hear that you shirk your duty then I prey you have neither friends nor family. Am I understood?" These last words he almost hissed, the threat hanging dark and menacing in the air.
     "Yes, your Majesty," responded Tornac glaring at the carpet of the throne room.
:iconpurplefizzgirl:purplefizzgirl 14 14
Fireplace, Murtagh and Tornac
     Tornac sat in the great armchair in front of the grand fireplace in one of the three studies in Morzan's former apartments. He lay down his leather-bound book with a sigh, and closed his eyes for a moment, savouring the heat from the fire, and the comfort of the chair. Gradually he opened his eyes again, only to stare into the flames.
     Even after a month he still couldn't believe he was here, in Morzan's chair, reading his books, guardian to his son... Murtagh was a quiet boy, and moved about like a whisper... like the shadow of a whisper. No doubt this was from living under the roof of that drunken brute. tornac had seen the scar on Murtagh's back, and had received an explanation for it in a letter by the King, as well as other instructions. For now though, Tornac thought it was best to let the boy settle.
     Once more Tornac lifted his book, when he thought he felt someone enter the room. he glanced
:iconpurplefizzgirl:purplefizzgirl 17 14
Last Bath, Murtagh - Tornac
     The water felt amazing. Hot and scented, filled with bubbles. After fourteen years, the servants knew all his preferences; curtains drawn halfway across the balcony, small pillow on which to rest his neck and quiet music in the next room. He moved slightly, and waft of steam flew up, stroking his face.
     Murtagh knew he shouldn't indulge in these sorts of rituals too often, but after two hours of hard training, he felt he both needed and deserved it. If only he could get his mind to be as relaxed as his body...
     "Still soaking Murtagh?" asked Tornac, striding through the curtains of the archway leading into his rooms.
     "Mm-hm," was all Murtagh deigned to answer.
     "You're such a noblewoman."
     Tornac sighed and walked over to the mighty bath. He placed a hand on his charge's hea
:iconpurplefizzgirl:purplefizzgirl 11 9
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