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You were featured on Superdickery. 

Apparently, "only slightly more batshit than the source material."
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jakobkellyHobbyist General Artist
Wish there was a sequence of this.
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i would love to see more like this maybe a after shot and a few more turning in to her.
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Simon Pegg: Wait a sec, this is a cool picture, yet it doesn't make sense. You get touched by Rei, you become Rei? I mean you obviously can't just grow a suit!
Nick Frost: I dunno, perhaps the disease infects your clothing as well.
Simon Pegg: Are insinuating that my clothes are alive? That's scary.
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BaseDeltaZeroStudent Digital Artist
'Reification' is an actual word, though...
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foldabotZHobbyist Photographer
Heheh, they will become the first of the Ree!
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BaseDeltaZeroStudent Digital Artist
I've been periodically looking at this comment for five months, and I still can't figure out what you're saying.
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foldabotZHobbyist Photographer
I'm referring to Greg Landsmann's Eva AU fanfic "Nobody Dies." Her,e Rei is VERY different from Canon and she has 7 other clone sisters, each with unique personalities, and are collectively known as the Ree("plural" fro Rei).
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BaseDeltaZeroStudent Digital Artist
Okay, that makes a bit more sense.

But 'ree' is not the plural of 'rei', in any of the three languages that could be applicable.  It'd be rei (Japanese), rerum (Latin), or reis (French).
Apparently, 'ree' is actually an English word, though.  Meaning excited/enraged.  Which, uh...

Still, the opportunity to title this piece 'Reification' was sorely neglected.
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jkrolakHobbyist Photographer
One of the nicer things about the English language, is that we openly steal words from other languages, violate grammar rules whenever convenient; makes sense; or sounds good, change definitions of established words both commonly used or seldom heard for years (remember when gay was a synonym for happy and not a description of your sex life), and freely invent new words at the drop of a hat.... oh look another hat just fell....

So making Ree or The Ree the plural of Rei, can be considered correct usage under several of those rules.
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BaseDeltaZeroStudent Digital Artist
They having tempts 2 wribam gramaire terror possibility as to factor the pointed... but no.

English frequently violates its own grammar because it borrows words from other languages, and brings their grammar along for the ride.  Using 'Rei', as the plural of 'Rei' would be an example of this, because it's a Japanese word using Japanese pluralization rules.

Likewise, 'To be' has an apparently different word for basically every declension because of a complicated chain of events on the road from Proto Indo-European to English that basically means it is a different root word for every declension.

Exceptions to the rule have reasons for being exceptions.  Using 'Ree' as the plural of 'Rei' is just randomly changing a vowel with no relation to anything because... uh... it sounds quirky?  It's not borrowing from another language.  It's not truncating for clarity or ease of pronunciation.  It's just nonsensical and confusing, obeying neither the stated grammatical rules of English nor the unstated linguistic rules of language evolution.  The only rule under which it can be considered appropriate grammar is the 'Eh fuck it' rule.

(Also I'm not aware of any language that pluralizes by changing i to e, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist... however 'Rei' is Japanese, maybe with a double/triple entendre to Latin/French)
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foldabotZHobbyist Photographer
'Ree' is the in-universe term they use in Nobody Dies and other related stories. 
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Que belleza y que detalles!!
ojala me pudiera unir.
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Ay caramba, te quedo muy bien !!!  
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:iconorochimaruplz: well this is interesting
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ah ha ha... okaaaaaaaaaaaay then.

Asuka just looks wrong with that hair
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Great. Can you do a second part of this? We Three Ayanami?
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Can we see what happens next?
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Can't find it on palcomix...
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OxdarockProfessional Digital Artist
Why aren't there more pics like this on the internet?! (Well there might be but I can't find them, lol)

One day...One day I will draw this type of TG....

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jkrolakHobbyist Photographer
You mean something like this [link]?
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StatetWolfHobbyist Writer
Could you create a story or a comic to go with this image? I do believe that this would be really awesome.
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Agu-FungusHobbyist Digital Artist
My own clone! Now neither of us will be virgins!
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