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Severus - Hand Me A Towel


SEVERUS SNAPE! OMFG! :faint: This is for all the compliments on my Fairy Otter comics and what not. Everyone loves Severus. And it took me forever to get this pose down right no matter how simple it making his face visible AND sexy at the same time with those damned arms...~_~... Oy...

Would've done this idea with Voldemort...but he's just not as popular and it really bums me out. :(

I can't tell people enough that the tiles were a pain in the ass. If you go to (mind you, it's mature content) this [link] it'll be the reference I used to recreate wet black showertile. HOLY SHIT. Well. Feedback would be nice. :)
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Was thinking of repainting this one with the things I know now...
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wow! i love this and the tiles are great, very well done. not sure who he is but the artwork is so great! thanks for this.

stop staring and
hand me a towel from
over there
will you 
either that or
reach for my hand
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Thank you. :) It's supposed to be Severus Snape from Harry Potter series.
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Steaming Hot ArtClap Heart 
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I just don't see Snape in this at all. Fanservice, anyone?
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Me neither lol
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Trolls need love too.
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Yes they do. Is that why you decided to do such a steamy drawing of "Snape"?
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Personally, I've never worked with water or "splashy" things...and people watch me for Severus Snape, mainly, so I decided to put both into practice. I look back at this now and think it's complete crap because I'm a much better artist. But really, this painting is all about me. I liked Snape at the time and thought this would be fun for practice. Fanservice, I guess. I like a lot of creative fanservice drawings. You should never dis people for creating it, especially if it's awesome. Can't be a hater if you want to be a better artist.
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I guess if it actually had more of Snape's distinguishing features instead of looking like a kind of generic anime character it wouldn't seem so disparate from his character (besides the fact that it's very un-Snape in content and tone... unless you're a fangirl...), but it's always good to try new things with your art, like water effects and such.
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........anime...? Yes I suppose you could see it that way. And I don't see anything wrong with being a "fan girl". In fact, those "types" of people tend to have fun giving me very energetic responses to my work, and generate a very attractive personality. Their emotions are refreshing and they seem to not care about how other people think of them.

As far as understanding the essence of Severus, I would indulge you in a day's lecture of my personal history, but I can tell you that his mind is well near my own, and I don't think that should be tested by any human, or near-human.

Drew, thank you for taking the time to criticize work that I did years ago, back when I had no time to draw except inbetween deployments. What I need you to do in the future with your life is to learn how to have fun, relax about how other people use their freedom of creativity (this is not 1944 Germany, nor 1922 Russia), and focus on developing your own personal style through means of different mediums and cultures. If you continue on this path I see you making yourself, you will not grow. And, liebling, growth is how great artists come to be.

Hope I have helped in some way, even if this angers you greatly, at least I'll know it hit home somewhere.
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(First of all: COULD see it that way? How could anyone not? And I never realized that Snape's essence was ever so steamy, even though canon suggests differently, but apparently you're the expert.)

Ha ha, hey, I get it, you perceive (whether true or not) that I'm ragging on you, so you rag on me. I can't help that I didn't discover this piece of art when it was new, I just came across it and made some comments based on my observations, no need to take things so personally or seriously, especially since, as you say, you did this so long ago. What I need you to do in the future of your life is not jump to conclusions about others' artistic history and proficiency (not to mention the fact that it actually was my education and is my profession) and not state that they are incapable or unaware of how to have fun, or imply that they're a Nazi and/or a Communist. Whatever you may think you know about the path you see me making myself, I have always (for decades now, mind) tried to expand my level and style of artistry through means of different media and cultures (though I generally steer clear of fanservice, but that's just my personal preference). I'm not a child, liebling.

There's a difference between "criticizing" and "critiquing". It's important for an artist to recognize that difference. Some people just can't stand up to a little artistic commentary or analysis.

But I'm not angry, so your hit was mostly off-target I guess. Sorry to disappoint you! :)
Dude I think I might need to buy a new keyboard..................Because I just Killed mine with my Drool.... THIS IS AMAZING! O////////O Why Do you have to Be so Perfect Sevi?????
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He is gorgeous, isn't he? :) Sigh...
Oh Merlin yessssssss
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I love love love you for this <3

*\\\\\\* Sevvy <3 No I will not hand you a towel, I'd rather stare forever.
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Why thank you. :) Glad you like it.
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OH MY.... I can't breath wery well... *drooling* :D
Awesome work XD
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I'll hand you a towel any day. lol:)
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Okay. Just breathe. Breathe. I don't think I can. If I promise not to drool, may I join him?
In the rain, kiss the knight.
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It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission--so if you can fight your way through the rest of the fangirls, have at him!
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In the rain, kiss the knight.
HeathJOKERleadger's avatar, i think i'll just stand here, holding the towal... you can come and get me...
i- i mean the towal.......
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