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Tekken 7 Lili Underwear

This mod converts Lili's Ruffle bikini into underwear.

WARNING - This mod is not compatible with my Eliza and Nina ruffle bikini skirt mod. if you use both together, Eliza and Nina will have a big gap on her hip when equipping the skirt

UPDATE - Compatible with latest patch. All that is needed is to rename the file to LiliUnderwear_P.pak, so you can do that instead of re-downloading if you want
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I like the mod, but with Julia already in the game, can you please do a mod of Julia Chang (aka Jaycee) with that black bikini top and even black panties as well? - ialociN Nicolai (my request).
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Sorry, I don't mod the game anymore, or even have the julia dlc.
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But, what about for Street Fighter X Tekken? Do you still want to do some mods of Julia in SFxT for me since you said that "Sorry, I don't mod the game anymore, or even have the Julia DLC."?

TOTALLY SPIES - Man Hands lends you a hand job by gendaiwakawa  
Like: Julia as Man Hands (from Totally Spies)

The Walking Tornado's lip service lends a blowjob by gendaiwakawa  
And also, Julia as the Walking Tornado (from the same TV show)

And that is all, just only a test. - ialociN
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I stopped modding that game 4 years ago
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Ooh, what a bummer. 

I don't think that you do mods for The Sims 2 (even though it is not a fighting game) don't you? 
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Hi, can you teach me how to change the hair on male characters?
Thanks mods !!
Can you make alisa to like lili underweare !!

Can you make alisa to like lili underweare !!

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Sorry, I no longer mod tekken
Oops !!

I see !!

Thank mods !!
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Hey bbbSFXT, can you update this mod to work with the current Tekken 7 build? No longer works and its an awesome mod... :)

EDIT: Saw your post about renaming the file with _P at the end- it worked! Thanks man. 
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You're welcome :) I updated the mod with the file renamed, so others wont encounter the issue.
Update please...
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I no longer have the game installed, so I'm not exactly sure what needs to be updated. one thing you could try is to rename LiliUnderwear.pak to LiliUnderwear_P.pak . I remember the game would update by adding _P files, and to mod those, the pak had to be named with the same _P at the end. So I am guessing maybe they updated that costume in someway in one of those _P files, so renaming it should work. If it doesn't, then I'm not sure what to do.
After updating to game version 1.12 stopped working...
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Please, make the same for Xiaoyu!!! I just need to use this lower body with both of her default outfits! <3
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Swapping this on the other girls wouldn't work well since there would be a gap at the hips, but depending on what top you use, it might cover it.

Did you try the model swapping tutorial I sent you?
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Yes, I tried, but i don't get how it works, sorry :(
So please, make this for Xiao. I want to use it with her default cape and with her classic qipao,so I think it will work properly  <3
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Well the point of making that tutorial was to stop the overwhelming requests I was getting. It really is easy to do. I can help you if you get stuck on some part in the tutorial.

EDIT - I just realized the mod has already been made by someone else

Tekken 7 - Xiaoyu Ruffle Bikini Mod ! by Mortal-Kombat-XI

just use that mod together with this mod.
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You're welcome :)
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