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Tekken 7 Eliza with no horns mod

This mod removes the horns on Eliza.

There is a bit of a hair gap where the horns used to be on her default hair. but there a few solutions to this

1. making the hair colour a darker black will hide it (seen in rows 1,2 and 4 in the screenshot)
2. using any of the generic alternate hairs (seen in row 3 in the screenshot)
3. using any of the head items will cover it (seen in row 5 in the screenshot)
4. you can use my pigtail mod here… (seen on bottom right corner)

Update -

Thanks to unclefestror's texture tool update, I removed the horns in every icon/hud of Eliza (except for the individual customization item thumbnails, I have a life)

Update 2 -

Included horn removal on the new free character panel DLC (seen in the bottom right of the screenshot) IMPORTANT NOTE - for some reason, the ~mods folder doesn't overwrite the new patch paks, so to use this update, keep the ElizaNoHorns.pak in the ~mods folder like usual, but if you want the new DLC character panel update, replace the pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor_P.pak with the one provided in the download (back up the original)

Update 3 -

Removed pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor_P.pak from download since latest update breaks it. restore original before updating. will try to find a better solution for modding the dlc panel.

Update 4 -

Free character panel DLC now works properly again without replacing main game files
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I have to say the Character model isn't surprising but the CGI panels and fighters panels is well executed. good job 👍
silverandtealer's avatar
Where do find these children panels by themselves? 
bbbSFXT's avatar
You're welcome :)
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can you teach me how to make invisible material pls? i want to make devil kazumi hair invisible ... 
thedeclic's avatar
thank you i will try 
ultraqq's avatar
Wondering, did you figure it out?
hey bbb im korean.. wheres the file?
bbbSFXT's avatar
the download button is on the right
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HOW did you remove it? PLEASE can you just tell me where i can find the horns? i want to add her horns to some characters.....
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That currently isn't possible. The horns are part of her head model. I removed the horns by making them 100% transparent. So technically the horns are still there, just invisible.
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wow you are impressive xD
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Thank you for this mod.

is there anyway to remove Raven's sword?
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You're welcome

Should be possible, but I no longer the game installed
TheHikoriOne's avatar
false alarm, got it to work.
LoneWolfX220's avatar
Wait, she has ears?!
bbbSFXT's avatar
they were inside the horns the whole time
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