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Juri Story With No Gloves and One Coloured Pants

This is Juri's Story costume with the gloves removed and the pants changed to have only one colour.

Also includes version with gloves and one coloured pants.


Patch 2.0 Compatible
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Is there a way I could get a thiccer & curvier mod for this Juri version?

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I prefer to stick with original proportions

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Reason why I had ask was bcuz awhile back I had ask BrutalAce if he would make it curvier one & he said he would do it but I have to get permission from you if it's cool that he use it
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he can do it if he wants to.

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Do you plan on making this MM compatible? I tried installing your mod manually but I must have a conflict because it's not showing up.
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you can extract the pack and it will make it MM compatible…
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Oh she's more cute now, it make me want to touch her hands lmao ! Thanks !
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Can you make a mod in sfxt? Jinpachi mod
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Sorry, I retired from modding that game
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Nice mod bro.

Hope for more great SFV mods from you in the future :)
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You're welcome :)
This makes the costume less of a mess, (y) 
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Though I'm not into Juri that much, I confess that I loved that outfit, specially the blue-white variation! ;)
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