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Gothic Juri Venus

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This is a Gothic Juri Mod in DoA's Venus / Arthemis Swimsuit for C2. It contains 8 versions. 

- Gothic Juri 
- Gothic Juri No Eye patch 
- Gothic Juri No Tattoo and No Piercings 
- Gothic Juri No Tattoo, No Piercings and No Eye patch 
- Gothic Juri No Toe Polish 
- Gothic Juri No Eye patch, No Toe Polish 
- Gothic Juri No Tattoo and No Piercings, No Toe Polish 
- Gothic Juri No Tattoo, No Piercings and No Eye patch, No Toe Polish 

Note -

If you want version with tattoos but no piercings, Just copy the files from Gothic Juri\StreetFighterV\Content\Chara\JRI\SkelMesh\01\Texture and paste & replace them in the same folder of the version of your choice.

Credits -

Brutalace - Body Skin


Added proper sound effects of bare feet walking on the floor.


Arcade edition eye fix patch by robhal… (use together with original download on the right)


There is no update to the mod, just letting you know that if
anyone uses wallpaper engine, a steam user by the name of The Admin v2 made a live wallpaper of this mod which can be downloaded from him here…

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so very hot
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I recently updated my Wallpaper Engine workshop item under a new name (The Admin v2):
Here is the…
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Updated, thanks :)
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It won't show up
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this is for the swimsuit right?
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its for her story costume
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Any Chance we can get a tattoos but no piercings?
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You just need to copy the Texture folder from the Gothic Venus variant, and paste it into any of the no piercing variants. Then repak the mod and it will have tattoos with no piercings.
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lovie this mod , is there a way to make it nude :)?
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Thanks. Sorry, I don't make nude mods.
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great works bbbSFXT It's a shame that we can not put the costume come and beachwear each on a block view that it goes all 2 on costume 2
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Thanks :)
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xHECZxHobbyist Artist
this is amazing!
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Thanks :)
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Awesome mod man :)
Can you make a version with her normal hair?
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Thanks :)

Sorry, would take a lot of time to put the original hair back on. would require putting the original mesh on it, readjust the hair bones to its original position and make different hair physics.
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your mod is awesome can you made a version plus assets   ?
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Thanks :) I don't do those kind of mods, but you can put that request to nepafu. he's done that to my mods before.
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I have ask at nepafu but he doesn"t respond, too bad a version plus assets would be perfect with your mod xD:happybounce:
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Too sexy to almost ridiculous level ;) Also very high quality made, like all your mods before.
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Thanks Robhal, glad you like it :)
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Though I'm not particularly into Juri (her personality does not please me at all), I must admit her bum and feet are very beautiful in this mod. :clap:
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Thanks, glad you like them :)
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