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After taking Starlight Glimmer to visit the Human World and meet her friends at CHS, Starlight is shocked and horrifed to find a world so vastly different from Equestria. Seeing a world crying for help, she takes it upon herself to show them the "ways of the pony" by establishing her own Conversion Movement; Equality through Ponyism.
She decides that the only way the people of the Human World can be truly happy, is to become ponies themselves.

After carefully studying the mirror, she orders a shipment of crystal glass from the Crystal Empire and tears a page from the journal behind Twilight's back. She then purchases a regular mirror frame from Ponyville and makes her crystal mirror, infused with torn page from the journal. Connecting it to Twilight's machine, she creates her own portal and travels to the Human World. 

In her human guise, she spends her time recruiting students to join her Movement and convince them to leave their human lives behind to make a new one in Equestria as true ponies.

With any luck, Princess Twilight probably won't find out about it. Or will she..? ;)   

This is just a quick, silly idea I came up some time ago.

Many are probably familiar with "The Conversion Bureau". But for those who are not, it's a fanfic story about Equestria making contact with humanity and creates a ponification serum to ponify humanity in order to save them from a barrier made of lethal magic that's slowly covering the Earth. It's a rather unpopular story that, despite its reputation, has still gathered somewhat of a following among fans, each with their own unique variation of it.

Then one day I just thought to myself; with the existence of Equestria Girls in the MLP universe, what if a pony like Starlight Glimmer, who was able persuade ponies to relinquish their cutiemarks in order to become equal, used the mirror to show the students of CHS her new version of pony equality?

(Note: the reason why the smiling ponies don't have cutiemarks, is because I just got lazy... =P)

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*smacks starlight with a newspaper* no bad cult leader, bad. No being a cult leader.”