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Dark Shipyard

What's up? Exploring some old computer graphics color palette here... hope you dig it. Also I'm back at my office and it's way too hot in there.
This was done in Photoshop with some brown pixels as a reference ;). Take care.

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What's/where's the focal point here?

Just curious.


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I'd say it's pretty much in the middle... the ramp is supposed to lead into the structure and also provide a destination for what's going on in the foreground, which I consider a sideshow.
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I like your use of contrasting reds / pinks and browns in this piece. The designs you've incorporated here also feel quite believable. I will sat though that my eyes did keep moving toward the top right corner a lot. With nothing being there, it was distracting. Perhaps if you added more light in the top left, it might provide more balance ( or, perhaps you wanted to just leave that top right corner blank ). With that said, nice work!

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Interesting. Technically both upper corners are empty... I think the difference is that the upper right content wise represents the furthest distance... I think that's why you're drawn to it. People tend to look where there's a lot going on, but distance is also attractive in a sense. Anyways thanks for your comment.
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Actually, looking at the piece again ( like, taking it all in and looking at it as a whole ), I'll say the reason I'm drawn to the upper right corner is due to the darkness. The rest of the piece is fairly lighter than it ( besides the bottom ), so in terms of value that upper right corner stands out. Thank you for responding! I'll be happy to keep my critiques's something I'm really getting into now

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I like your art style!

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