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My Little Pony: The Movie

Q: What meaneth this?

A: These are movie barcodes; barcode like visualizations of each of the film My Little Pony: The Movie. The barcode is made by taking every 12th frame (~2fps), averaging the colours, and blending them into a 1 pixel strip. These strips are then combined together in chronological order, giving an interesting perspective into the colour palette used by the different episodes.
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i love how the dark blue night is right next to the bright yellow desert. this is a great way to gauge how much time they actually spent at certain locations
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It is interesting to see just how much more complex the animation has become through the seasons simply by looking at the bands of colours from the scenes
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also how i love there are just sections of different colors and i love the purple seciton right in the middle~
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I never saw something like this :0
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Why every 12th frame?
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It was a balance between detail and file size.
No, I mean, why not every 1st or 2nd frame (out of 24 frames a second)? I mean, if you're taking 1 frame from every second, why the 12th?
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if you're taking 1 frame from every second, why the 12th?
Honestly? It was easier and lazier to program a simple frame interval from the beginning versus an offset + interval.
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I had a friend who used to do something very similar to this with music; never did work out how he picked the colours :/
This must have taken ages!

Love it!
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I actually wrote a little program that parses the video and creates the little bands of colour for each scene. That music visualizer sounds quite intriguing.
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And there was me imagining you sat pressed up against the tv with your remote contol and a pile of Dulux style colour swatches Laugh Image shattered!

Sadly he's no longer around to ask how he did it. I think it was something to do with the pitch of each note plotted against the colour spectrum; all very technical and complicated, especially for someone as tone deaf as me. 
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and a pile of Dulux style colour swatches
Heh. Calibration? Swatches? ICC profile? We don't need no steenkin' frippery!

My Other half accuses me of having "bloke colour vision" and only seeing 34 colours:
  1. white
  2. whiteish
  3. dark white
  4. light red
  5. red
  6. dark red
  7. redish
  8. light orange
  9. orange
  10. dark orange
  11. orangeish
  12. light red
  13. red
  14. dark red
  15. redish
  16. light yellow
  17. yellow
  18. dark yellow
  19. yellowish
  20. light green
  21. green
  22. dark green
  23. greenish
  24. light blue
  25. blue
  26. dark blue
  27. blueish
  28. light purple
  29. purple
  30. dark purple
  31. purpleish
  32. light black
  33. black
  34. blackish

She's not far wrong...
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I've got a hubby like that. He thinks teal is a sea creature.
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I do believe teal falls under "greenish" =P (Razz) 
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There's hope for you yet  Dignity laugh 
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Where are the purple and yellow coming from?
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Which portions are you referring to? I see 3 blue/purple+yellowish sections.
  1. The first section in the right of the first 3rd portion is when Tempest talks with the Storm King followed by the scene where the Mane 6 are in the dessert
  2. The bit in the centre is Kugetown (left of centre) and Seaquestria (right of centre)
  3. The bright purple section with the yellow stripe on the far right is the credits song

Hope that helps!
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Same thing that happened to me.
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