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Squeeze Your Mind Like A Lemon

Squeeze Your Mind Like A Lemon

Project made at DSD - Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole (The Scandinavian College of Design)

Materials: A3 Paper, 0,2-0,3 mm Tusch
Description: Black/White Graphic made out from the idea of as much different graphic as possible, using websites, magazines, the surroundings around as inspiration.

Time: 3 days
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Aha ! that was what i wanted to see ^_^ Nice Job !
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I think I just had a heartattack. This is crazy! I'm not sure where to look and my eye is constantly being drawn and distracted across the page. You did a really great job with this, I'm so impressed! And this took you 3 days? I don't think I could do something like this in a month....haha, this must have taken a lot of effort, good job!
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Thanks for your sweet reply cody. And yeah, around 3 days. I wasn't doing much else beside the drawing, only sleeping and eating:p So yeah..over a weekend sitting with a micro tusch, listening to music and emptying my mind and pictures onto the paper:D

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Oh, you're welcome! Hahah, that sounds.....well, not so awful. When I begin something I find it difficult to stop, although a 3 day period would be too much for me (that sounds pathetic, haha) I think my butt would hurt too much. But that's incredible, and certainly music helps the process flow along.

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Thanks both of you - and yes Warni, I've putted quite some work into it. Fab-w: The idea was also to create as much different style and kind of graphic as possible, so I hope I succeeded!:)

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Det er da godt nok lidt af et arbejde - respekt for det.
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Great !
Watching since 5 minutes to this picture, theres so much to see :)
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