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MH: Is it gonna be me and you?

EDIT: Here's the description part guys! And I will now submit it to the club later. And I'm going to have to finish up the other three (I have the last one's app done, but not posted btw.)

edit: I actually wanted to make her homosexual...just never had a chance to change her orientation. But here we go haha

Name: Xenia Yvonne Jennings
Age: 14
Grade: Freshmeat
Gender: ovaries.
Species: huuman
Occupation/role: Student/Equestrian
Orientation: gayyyyyy.
Relationship status: single
Dorm Room/Roommate: ?
Likes: Running, eating, stretching, riding horses, making fun of her brother, One Direction,
Dislikes: Her braces, the fact the she can't eat her favorite foods with her braces(but she chooses to eat whatever anyway despite the braces.), Having to replace them all the time, One Direction haters, Jonas Brothers.
Personality: Xena's an overly-friendly, optimistic type of girl who's really childish, and doesn't really take a lot of things seriously. She knows the consequences, but still does her same thing anyway regardless. She rarely gets mad and she's always happy about 90% of the time. And speaks with a British accent as well.
Bio: Was born, along with her brother in the middle-high class part of Newport, Wales, United Kingdom, to a equestrian of a mother and a father why plays the pianist. They were pretty successful and had a happy life. Except if you count the fact that Xena had to get braces because her she used to have a habit of sucking her thumb for half her life, which caused her two front teeth to go forward. Obviously with braces you can't eat certain foods, but she eats anything anyway cause she can't let go of those foods for a few years. And that her sister--now his brother gotten a transformation. She didn't like that very much cause she already got an annoying older brother and she doesn't want anymore brothers, but his choice anyway. One day, her parents found out about this Misery High in America. Of course Xena was excited about going to America to attend a boarding school, but Xavier...not so much. Despite the fact that they were a pretty wealthy family, the twins decided to apply for a scholarship anyway.
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I have to laugh at the braces thing. I remember that.

Her shoes are adorabs.
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Haha glad it was funny to you XD

And Thanks!