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MH: I wish I had this moment 4 life.

Name: Talia Jeanette Russell
Age: 14
Grade: Frushhh
Gender: Egg.
Species: Humanah
Occupation/role: Student/Drummerteer
Orientation: Hetrosexy (Straight)
Relationship status: Single (Unless you count her "relationship" with her little drum)
Dorm Room/Roommate: No one, no one, no one. Can get in the way of what I'm feeling *shot for Alicia Keys Reference*
Likes: Bob Marley, reggae, drums(especially the African ones~), beanies, marijuana(But she doesn't do drugs so), hanging out alone.
Dislikes: Marijuana(okay she wants to try it but she don't wanna get addicted to it.), When people curse, closed spaces, profanity in general, talking a lot.
Personality: Talia is a very quiet person 90% of the time. From being an only child, she usually isolates herself from the rest of the kids. If you do talk to her, she'll stutter and pause when she talks, socially awkward, and has a bit of a social anxiety. But it's not as bad as you think.
Bio: Talia was born in Kingston, Jamaica; with African parents. Growing up, the only "friends" she had, was her mother and father. She never liked talking to other people other than them, cause she feels she will get rejected. She was in a low income family, and African drums had always been her life. Sadly, her parents couldn't afford one so soon, Until just her 13th birthday, they surprised her with a small drum as her present. Talia took it around everywhere, and loved it as it was her child. The parents were worried about Talia though, so they took her to her aunt, who was a therapist and was told that she had a bit of an social anxiety. The therapist thought it was a good idea to send Talia to a boarding school in America, by the name of Misery High. She agreed to apply for a scholarship there, hoping she would make a friend. Who knows?

I really wanted to submit her before MH officially starts the school year(which is tomorrow I believe, I knew better than to wait till the last minute. *facepalm*) But yeah.
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shes so adorable ahh ;w;
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*casually points out that Jamaica is misspelled*
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Thanks, but I did noticed that before. ^^;

(right after I finished it, I was done with doing bios for that night, so I didn't bother going back to edit.)

My laptop has problems right now so I can't edit it right away. ^^;
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It's alright, and you're welcome C:
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Aw socially anxious person. My sympathies. I hope she does make friends.
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Me too. :'C I thought MH needed more quiet and timid people?
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Quiet and timid people don't tend to last very long is the reason we need them. XD
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