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MH: Don't Run Away

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EDIT: Here's some of his bio! I really hope I didn't say anything that would offend anyone. If I did, please let me know. :3

Name: Xavier "Zae" Vladimir Jennings
Age: 14
Grade: fresh.
Gender: sperm.
Species: Human
Occupation/role: Student/Green-freak
Orientation: hetrosexy.
Relationship status: Single.
Dorm Room/Roommate: no one yet
Likes: Playing his trumpet, Xena sometimes, nature, veggies, green, animals, salad, and more green.
Dislikes: Xena, meat, being called a "tranny", the fact that animals are killed in order to make meat, the smell of meat, the fact that's he's the only veggie-eater of the family, stupid people, america
Personality: Unlike his sister, Xavier's the laid back, mature guy. He's not always happy and "sees the bright side" like his sister. He's more normal in a way. But like his sister, he rarely gets mad and it takes a hell, a hell of a lot of pissing off to make him mad. And you do not wanna see him mad, like he is in this picture.
Bio: As well as his sister, he was born in Newport (no I am not talking about the cigarettes.), Wales, United Kingdom. He was originally born a female so that there were two baby girls instead of a girl and a boy. He was born Lena Jessica Jennings. From her birth to when she was about 5 years old, her parents noticed that Lena wasn't doing things that other little girls like to do. She would beg for action figures instead of Barbies, and she would cut her hair from time to time and the like. The parents were concerned about this and talked to her about how she might be a male trapped in a female body. She didn't believe it much, but did the same stuff a guy would do anyway. Her Parents managed to buy male clothes and stuff that a guy would do. Once Lena gotten older, she realized her parents were right, she probably was a male inside a female body. She changed her name to Xavier, and her--now his parents said "I told you so." But Xena never liked his transformation too much. She didn't want another brother in his life. She already gotten a older brother that's annoying. So she was the only female out of the siblings. One day, his parents found this Misery High in America. He heard that America wasn't really the best country. So he wasn't so sure. But his parents packed up his bags anyway, along with his sister's...
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i love the drawing and the bio was very well written