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Star Wars - Star Destroyer H - Mon Cala Expedition

By BB22Andy
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Imperial Star Destroyer emerging from the oceans of Mon Cala (also known as Mon Calamari or Dac).

Model by Ansel Hsiao
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Huh, its beautiful!! Congratulations!

EMOTICON: Surprise 

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they can go underwater?
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Partially. They can't completely submerge, though Mon Calamari ships can.
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Besides that it depicts something absolutely and completeley impossible, it is a nice pic. Well done. Especially the water effects. :)
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I think you have easily become my favorite person on DA
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That's awesome.
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Great scene! I really do like the water effect and the mood!
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Hellicarier anyone? No? Just me? Ok...
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You aren't taking this one out with a fancy arrow.....
Comic-Book-Guy-2099's avatar
Nope. This one's for the rebel fleet.
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Well. That's one way to clean your space ship. ;)
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super awesome.i wonder how big waves form from this emergence
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Are imperial star destroyers able to go underwater ?

Awesome pic anyway ^^
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I think so, but no completely. Hangar bays are still open, after all.
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Shields, sure, but that's to prevent the atmosphere from escaping.
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It looks so serene and bright. I really like what you did with the water too
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Wow, it looks... Peaceful! Like a mountain or a giant landscape... But it is made to destroy. Very good work! I really like it!
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oh my god so beautiful i need do research again on making those waterfall
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I've been out of the SW verse for a VERY long time. These things were terrifying before, when did they gain this ability??? 
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