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Super JAS Drone

A fictional picture of a Swedish Super JAS NG together with a Drone (unmanned) version of the Super JAS.

Modeled and rendered in Modo.

This is picture 4 in a series. The other images can be viewed here: [link]
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Gmmm's avatar
Thought it was a real picture.
Sage-Valentine's avatar
Looks like the Typhoon with a covered cockpit :iconneatplz:
bazze's avatar
It has similar looking canard wings.
Sage-Valentine's avatar
The general design seems very similar to it IMHO but either way it looks great
bazze's avatar
nac? What do you mean?
UDDR's avatar
Nice (slang) 
HelixIce's avatar
These types of planes already exist, the problem is that there is still a slight lag between the drone and the operator which puts the drone at a major disadvantage. Search up QF-16, which is the drone version of the F-16. while it is capable of performing as well as a manned F-16, it is currently being used as a target drone instead.
zJoriz's avatar
Would the drone version still need the cockpit canopy? I'd imagine it just needs some good equipment and cameras on the extreme ends of the plane and that's it, right?

Great sculpting, by the way!
swaggystriders's avatar
Yes it would, that's where they put the radar and antenna.
zJoriz's avatar
Radar and antennae can be put in much more efficient shapes. The canopy on a fighter plane basically has two functions -- offering the pilot a view around and allowing him to bail out -- at the cost of a less aerodynamic shape of the fighter. A drone equipped with cameras and radar needs neither.
Personally, I wouldn't even put the cameras where the pilot used to be, but on all of the extreme ends of the fuselage so that the 'pilot' has a 360-degree stereoscopic picture of what happens around him. 

Still looks cool though!
Glitterboy2098's avatar
JAS is an acronym standing for "fighter bomber recon"

the fighter is called the JAS-39 Gripen, (swedish for gryphon/griffon)

calling it a JAS is like calling an american plane an 'F"...

knowing is half the battle. :)
bazze's avatar
Well I live in Sweden so I know what it means. However, in daily talk here this aircraft is often referred to simply as JAS.
Zanthrophia's avatar
This was so close to real that I did think that it existed, but then I read the description and the excitement went away. : P
bazze's avatar
According to the rumors a drone version is in development-
Zanthrophia's avatar
That I don´t disbeleive. Scary how things flown by men gets more AI. Very alike to Terminator.
christomwow's avatar
oh no a robot jet.
8090s's avatar
wow. At first I thought this was kind of new & real drone!
akeshe's avatar
For a moment, i was like: "That can be real."
SpectreLN's avatar
Genial idea! :D Great work :)
RickardSjoden's avatar
Wow thats great!! Stunning pictures! "En svensk tiger" - funny :D
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