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Current Resume 2012
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This template is great and I could use it for several activities and flyers for my nonprofit. Could I purchase this from you?

Thank you,
hi kevin , i want to modfie my resume , i send you my mail , please contact me i like your stile 


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Wow really nice CV! Could you tell how you rotate all the boxes? You rotated them all at once or you created the documents like this?
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Sorry I took a couple hundred years to respond - you create all the art like you would normally, then select all of it and rotate it 11 degrees, in Illustrator is your best bet.

Hope it helps.
This is great, is there a template for this?
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Not really - but if you design your resume you can tilt it, I think it's like 11 degrees. If you end up doing it shot me a link I'd love to see what you make!

Good luck!
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May i know the fonts which u have used.. its soo cool and awesome!!
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Of course! The font is called Neutraface typeface, I've also added a link where you can purchase the font. [link]

And thank you for your comment.
wtf is image ready cs5? I want it
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LOL, it's for images.... it comes with CS5 Suite.
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Hahaha thats an awesome resume, think i need to jazz mine up a little
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Sounds good, hope you send me a link when you done, I'd like to see what you come up with!
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Nice, i shall do that :)
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