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2014 Project Lynx Drivers' Helmet Designs

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: using these designs to be put on your helmet is considered as art stealing.

In order to make my original character story as realistic as possible, I came up with the idea to make the characters' helmet designs. After months of making a design that fits the characters' personalities, it is now finished :dummy:. I even came up with the design names and driver's logos. Some of these designs are special designs to be used only in their Le Mans race. Credits to ShinjiRHCP for his helmet template.

Issey's helmet is a tribute to her late husband Heinrich Reitz. Heinrich used similar design when he was still racing in SuperGT. Issey only uses this design on her Le Mans 24 Hours races.

Mayumi's helmet design rarely change. This design is used only in her Le Mans race. Four white stripes which symbolizes herself and her sisters were added as a tribute for her family for bringing her to motorsport.

The new boy Hiro Watanabe uses the whiteout version of his helmet for the Le Mans race. His previous sponsor contracts were terminated and replaced by one of Lynx's official sponsor.

Lily's helmet design main change is on the background layer. It used to be carbonfibre black, now it is thin-white-painted carbonfibre with flowers theme on the top of it. The vertical bridging stripe's angle on the top is changed a bit. Monegasque flag changed position from the bottom front to the top back.

Valencia uses this rainbow-themed design since the start of 2013 DTM season. The circular version of Spanish flag is used on top of her helmet.

Fiorenzo's helmet design is changed only on its base color. It used to be blue and now it is red to symbolize Italian racing color. He only uses this color on Le Mans race.

Lola always use star-themed helmets. The name "British Supernova" symbolizes of bringing herself into a big event such as Le Mans 24 Hours race.

Marina is a TV star in her home country Indonesia, and she wants that to be known. She's been using similar designs to this since her first appearance in RITV's show "Start Racing with Marina".

Flo's design changes every race. In Le Mans the bottom back side is plain white while usually there's a motorsport art picture there.

Olivia uses this design since the start of 2013 V8 Supercars season. She wanted the opposite of Lily's design, which explains the blue color and dragons theme.

Jules doesn't want any fancy designs, just as long as there's a French flag on it.

Arlene's helmets are always green, and this is her new design for this year's WTCC season.
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Buat sendiri kahh??:o (Eek)  kereenn..
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iya buat sendiri :nod: kecuali templatenya yang dari ShinjiRHCP
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Kereen broo (y) kreatif haha
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Brilliant designs! Have you started writing this OC story? Sounds interesting!
BayuBaron's avatar
Thanks! :nod:
I've written some background stories for some of the characters of which you can find in my gallery under the "Literature" folder, but for the whole story itself, I've written a bit but it hasn't even gone through the first chapter.
I'm keen on writing it though so in the meantime, take a look at the background stories :D
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Looks awesome! Good luck with writing the whole story!
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Wow. Intresting designs. I actually like them as well.
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thank you :aww:
your personality match with them then :lol:
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NP! :)
Oh, really? Hehe... I might as well make one for myself!
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just don't use my design ;)
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That would be criminal. I might get in serious trouble for it.
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Good to know you realized that mate :nod:
Lots of Indonesian don't, that's the problem :no:
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thanks! :D
and thanks for the template ;)
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