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[YouTube Video] Animal Crossing is a Fun game by BayRad [YouTube Video] Animal Crossing is a Fun game :iconbayrad:BayRad 3 0 Stream Rad! BayRad! (Retro Night!) At 5PM EST! by BayRad Stream Rad! BayRad! (Retro Night!) At 5PM EST! :iconbayrad:BayRad 1 0 Meet the Author: BayRad by BayRad Meet the Author: BayRad :iconbayrad:BayRad 9 14 Valentine's Day and Treating Yourself by BayRad Valentine's Day and Treating Yourself :iconbayrad:BayRad 3 0 Guillotine by BayRad Guillotine :iconbayrad:BayRad 12 3 After Work by BayRad After Work :iconbayrad:BayRad 2 2 My new outfit! by BayRad My new outfit! :iconbayrad:BayRad 2 2
From Child to Animatronic (Part Two)
I quickly rushed off the stage, moving as fast as these animatronic legs can possibly go, trying my best not to stumble and trip over the three-step stairs leading off the stage. I awkwardly shuffled through the abundance of chairs and tables in the dining hall, like an obstacle course in gym class. Moving too quickly, I've managed to get my right foot under one of the table legs, causing me to trip and fall to my knees. If I was able to curse under my breath, I would. I pushed myself back up, hearing the rusted screeches of the suit's mechanical limbs grind together as I bend myself back into an upright position. After that little clumsy episode, I immediately made my way towards the security office. I was expecting myself to catch the security guard by surprise, and hit that freedom button, where I would finally have the chance to escape from this wretched place. I scuttled out of the dining hall, and into the east hallway, hopefully ready to make one final pushed effort. However, ju
:iconbayrad:BayRad 21 6
From Child to Animatronic (Part One)
Over twenty years.
240 months. 1,043 weeks. 7,304 days. 175,316 hours.
Counting down to the ongoing present time, I remain trapped in this makeshift prison, looking onward from the stage I stood on for most of my entombed life. My limbs are an unwanted invitation to spots of rust, built-up grime, and various questionable fluids now caked and solidified. They are one of the very few things that have been stuck with me all these years, another being this fake microphone that's embedded in my right hand. My prison creaks with age, given very little sympathy by the owner's ignorance. It moves with a jittery and abrupt action with just enough maintenance to barely stand on its own two legs throughout the slow, miserable, tedious days. My eyes glow bright, reflecting the spotlight whenever it shines upon me.
I always welcome that spotlight, for it successfully obstructs my view from forcefully staring at the snot-nosed brats. They come in various forms, but they all act the same once they se
:iconbayrad:BayRad 46 14
Dennis Keltch (Fallout 3 OC) by BayRad Dennis Keltch (Fallout 3 OC) :iconbayrad:BayRad 4 9 Pride and Problems by BayRad Pride and Problems :iconbayrad:BayRad 4 6
Recorded Session (Wrath)
Location: Donev Institute for the Supernatural (Sitka, Alaska)
Date: December 2, 2017
Subject number: 25-13-0058
Subject name: N/A
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Recording supervisor: Dr. Morgan
(Subject is kept in a 10X10 ft. container, reinforced with refractory metal for optimum heat resistance. Container is kept at a temperature of -89.2 C at all times, as it’s vital if we want to keep the subject benign. Communication is possible using video camera and microphones, and placing the said items around the top corners inside the sealed container)
(Recording starts at 8:30am. Audio and video feed inside and outside the container are functioning properly. Subject can be seen clearly. Subject is sitting on the long metal bench set inside the container. Subject is seen with a smile on its face, presumably in an awfully good mood today)
(Dr. Morgan enters the room that holds the container within, and sits on her designated chair, in front of her being a video monitor and microph
:iconbayrad:BayRad 2 5
Recorded Session (S.G.)
Location: [REDACTED]
Date: May 17, 2016
Subject Number: 96-06-31246
Subject Name: [illegible due to watermarks]
Sex: Male
Age: 21 (looks surprisingly young for his age)
Recording Supervisor: Dr. Ulric
(Recording starts at 9:20am. Audio and video feed functions properly. Subject can be seen clearly. Subject is heavily sedated and bound by reinforced chains, due to the incident on May 15, 2016. Subject is on its knees, head down, face covered by its hair)
(Dr. Ulric steps in the chamber with the Recording Operator, and sits on his designated chair, five meters away from the subject)
Dr. Ulric: Good morning, Mr. [illegible due to scorch marks] how are you doing today? (Subject grumbles and moans, still presumably under the effects of sedation) Excellent… (Turns to face the Recording Operator) How big of a dose did the security team give it?
Recording Operator: The head of security said his team gave it a small dose, at first, but was barely affect
:iconbayrad:BayRad 5 5
Letter to Sven Grimmok
Dear Sven Grimmok,
It has come to my upmost attention that you have been acting very recklessly in your search for your adversary. Not only have you left a trail of blood and corpses behind you, but you have also left a large number of individuals that are now in a large assortment of asylums for the severely insane. In doing so, authorities from all around the world you call Earth is now on the look for who is responsible for this carnage and mayhem. They have not pinpointed you as their lead suspect, despite your sloppy mess of leaving noticeable evidence, in our eyes, of course. However, they have gathered information from numerous insane individuals about a young adult causing their broken sanity, with your description. Attached to this encrypted letter are military and police records of the information they have so far. And from the looks of it, all they need is your name.
With that said, I regret to inform you that you are hereby forbidden to enter The Market, or any supernatu
:iconbayrad:BayRad 4 8
Vetis' POV [In Ch. Two of Sven in: CoF]
My disembodied glowing yellow eyes began to reform and open, presenting the external presence of my sight. Before me was the pristine night sky, accompanied by the overcrowded number of stars and planets twinkling away. Underneath the nightlight sky were human-constructed buildings that even make my eyes nauseous at the horrifying quality. How disrespected the ground must feel, giving up chunks of its own flesh to make room for these disgusting and low-class architecture. But then again, anything created by human hands are always of poor quality, in my highly-respected opinion. I could feel a slight discomfort from underneath me, as I just realized I was in a horizontal position. With a quick flick of my fingers, I levitated myself off the ground to find out what my existence has been retiring on.
Ugh! How simply grotesque! I've been lying on garbage! Not the typical human-invented objects, but horribly smelling pile of trash! I backed away from the unfortunate resident of filth with d
:iconbayrad:BayRad 1 0
Sven Grimmok in: Cry of Fear [Chapter Two]
“Ya know, I’m still confused about you,” I began to say, breaking the silence between Simon and I, “It only took a couple of sentences to make you trust me.”
Simon and I have been walking for about ten minutes without saying a word to each other. Climbing down the other fire escape on the other side of the building, we found ourselves in a less claustrophobic alleyway that led out to the open streets. Since Simon has claimed he somewhat knew the area, I agreed he shows us the way to the apartments. It was probably for the best he shows the way, since the language here was something I wasn’t familiar with. But rather than him leading the way, Simon has me leading the way, a gun behind my back. Before exiting the alleyway, Simon told me to peek out to the open streets in case there are any monsters at our blind spots when we walk out. With no monsters present, we scuttled out to the street, looking for a path to the apartments.
Simon nudged his handgun
:iconbayrad:BayRad 3 1

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