Nusantara, my comic inspired by Hetalia
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Do you know about Hetalia?

It’s a webcomic made by Hidekaz Himaruya… telling about world history in a hilarious way. He made countries personification in a 4-coma manga. It was very inspiring.

I’m planning in making similar comic with Indonesian theme. So I started to do some research. First I was searching about the history of colonization of Indonesia. About Portuguese and Netherland and Japan. The fact that Netherland and Japan once tried to (and did) conquer Indonesia was erased from their history book, but books are written and can be manipulated by people, but the history itself cannot be erased.

Anyway, the research from one article was leading me to another, like a chain—linking to another, and I keep founding new facts in each and every of it. Like in Indonesian history books said that Netherland colonized Indonesia in three and a half century, and the fact is, they tried to conquer Indonesia in almost 3 centuries and finally made to colonized it in early 19th century. Oh and Japan was very cruel during its time conquering Indonesia.

But, worry not, o' dear friend. I don’t intent to put some hostility at each other here. Egh, absolutely not... I know that war fact can be very cruel, that’s why I only put the simple and light theme on it. The comic will be titled "Nusantara" which means islands inbetween (by meaning between two continents and two oceans), it’s the other name of Indonesia.

I’m putting some samples here. ^^

Nusantara-First Contact
Note :
In 1596, Netherland first stepped their foot in Indonesia, and in 1602 was the first time VOC (Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie) or the East-India Company was established. At first, VOC’s goal was to monopolized spices trade, later, they decided to domineered Indonesia because of its rich natural resources.

Nusantara-First Contact
Note :
When Netherland came to Indonesia, Portuguese was already there first, so they kinda compete each other for some Indonesia’s land.

My goal for this comic is to make Indonesian youngsters get some interest in our own country, history, and culture. I wish they could be inspired with this comic as much as I do after I read Hetalia. I know other countries have great culture and habits, but as an Indonesian, we too have great things that started to be forgotten by our young generation. It’s kinda sad, well, remembering I—too—just realized how rich and prosper my country actually is. Too bad that we can’t maximized the use of it.

Anyway, this comic will be published in Indonesia in early 2009. Unless there're other foreign publishers that interested to publish this in other country. ^^


The 9-Lives fanart contest winnerz!!

1st place

I will follow..

by :iconqkie:
I will follow.. by qkie
Note: It's been hard to choose between this and LanWu’s Lost Memories. But I fall in love over and over again with Adrian in qkie’s version. So, I choose this one to be the winner.

2nd place

The Lost Memories

by :iconlanwu:
9lives - The Lost Memories by LanWu
Note: It has an eye catching color, and I love how the twins spend their time together.

Piggy back
by :iconarchie-the-redcat:
Note: Another dilemma to choose between this and darkmello’s Little Bride. But Archie’s art gives me warm feeling, not to mention that this is the only traditional art that survived up to the top 6.

3rd place

Little Bride

by :icondarkmello:
Little Bride by darkmello
Note: Wow, Conri looks cool here, and my scriptwriter just love its gothicness. Although it seemed twincest. Ha ha…

by :iconlanzetter:
Afternoon_AdrianConri by Lanzetter
Note: I like how Adrian seems to care much about Conri.

To Be By Your Side
by :iconaullya:
Note: Another semi real pictures of Adrian and Conri. Ain’t they both look cute together. ^^

Viewer’s Choice!!

Safest Shelter

by :iconbrilcrist:
Note: Special category has been added!! Bril’s art got the highest vote in my polling!! You’ll have one copy of my manga.

Congratulations for the winnerz!!

Please send me the high-res of your picture in psd file, change it into b/w so you can adjust the better resolution of your pictures. Mail it to

Your subscription will be paid soon; I’ll give you notification after I’ve done the payment. While the book will be sent to your addresses on October. Please note me your addresses. Thanks!

Special Note:
Buat yg tinggal di Bandung, terserah mo kirim pake imel ato dateng langsung ke kantor gw di Jl. Ranggamalela no.3 Lt.3 (Toko mainan Vega)


You still can see the Top 10 list and other entries here

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Contest FAQ

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PuC4nN4's avatar
gyahaha hetalia telah mempengaruhi banyak manga artist indo buat bikin versi sejarah kitaa XDD

kutunggu terbitnyaa~
Alexander-Rowe's avatar
Alexander-RoweHobbyist General Artist
Wow, I just got into hetalia about a month ago ( I read the scanlations on anyhow, now I'm totally hooked! You don't mind if I do something like your comic, save I just use my nation's history (United Staes of America)?
Oh and your test comics are super cute, I'm very interested in hearing the history of your homeland, are you gonna draw more?
Bayou-Kun's avatar
Bayou-KunProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks. Of course I'm gonna draw more. I even make 2 version of my comic. This one is will be submitted for manga magazine, and the other is submitted to kid magazine (the colorful and childish like version). ^^
Alexander-Rowe's avatar
Alexander-RoweHobbyist General Artist
Either way, it's really cute...I wish you good luck!
oh and :icongoodjobplz:
kazutan's avatar
kocak kocak....

emang mirip hetalia konsepnya. negara dijadiin orang hehehe :D
amanokawa's avatar
amanokawaProfessional Digital Artist
ukh... basa jepang TT_TT ... terpaksa random click deh....
amanokawa's avatar
amanokawaProfessional Digital Artist
DASAR GILAAAAA~~~!!!! KNAPA JADI SHOTAAA~~!!?? harharhaarrrr.... :rofl:

kalo komiknya kaya gini bukan jadi bacaan buat adek2 tapi malah jadi bacaan mamahnya... ^^
Bayou-Kun's avatar
Bayou-KunProfessional Digital Artist
Itu penggambaran Indonesia waktu masih 'muda' loh. Bahkan sebenernya nama 'Indonesia' aja belum ada saat itu, nama Indonesia baru ditemukan awal abad 20. Seiring dengan berjalannya waktu, Indonesia nantinya juga bertambah 'dewasa'.
amanokawa's avatar
amanokawaProfessional Digital Artist
iya ^^ ngarti kok ^^

hahaha... cuman ini kepala aja yang udah kelewat ngeres ^^ :rofl:
camiyu's avatar
coba lu terbitin 4 taon yang lalu, mungkin nilai sejarah gue gak bakal jeblok2 amat haha.
suka idenya! ditunggu nih!
Bayou-Kun's avatar
Bayou-KunProfessional Digital Artist
4 tahun lalu gw ga tertaris sama sekali ma sejarah. Kalo aja ada yang pernah bikin 10 tahun yg lalu, mungkin nilai sejarah SMA gw juga ga bakal jeblok.
camiyu's avatar
wah senasib toh? beruntunglah generasi muda sekarang dunk haha! met juang yah!
prudencee-lumiere's avatar
sumpah, bayou!! keren banget idenya! Karakternya pake nama negara yah! Wah, keren!
orrie-g's avatar
orrie-gProfessional Digital Artist
Hohoho, menyebarkan virus hetalia kah :XD:

Semangat berjuang yah mengerjakannya :D :D :D
Bayou-Kun's avatar
Bayou-KunProfessional Digital Artist
Tentu saja! Terutama gw pengen banget bikin anak2 indonesia cinta sama negaranya sendiri, sebobrok2nya juga. Kalo udah cinta sama negeri sendiri, mungkin kedepannya Indonesia bisa jadi lebih baik.
orrie-g's avatar
orrie-gProfessional Digital Artist
Uoghh! Cita-cita yang sungguh mulia, mbak! :D :D :D

Baiklah saya doakan agar tercapai :XD:
lowiesclw's avatar
lowiesclwHobbyist Interface Designer
wait,...did your story also inspiration from JPN MOE manga title "Afghanis-tan" too?

read it til u laugh til drop from chair...

i think i also wanna release Malaysia version ..XD,
OKT i will ask my M'sia pal buy your first tokyopop book..

GAmbatte....I cant wait to meet u in indo event!!!!
Bayou-Kun's avatar
Bayou-KunProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah, I know about Afuganisu-tan. They're very moe indeed.

Thanks, good luck to you too!
Naru-Nisa's avatar
gyahahaa!!! asyik komik sejarah Indonesia! dr dulu gw sering ngarep ada yg bikin komik pelajaran biar belajar ga bosen gituuu.... terusin Bayou! klo jd terbit bilang2 yah!!!
Fortranica's avatar
FortranicaHobbyist Artist
wah menarik bgt cc! saya suks sejarah kl dikomikin begini, ngafalnya bakal jd gampang! XD ganbatte cc, saya dukung anda!
ShinRone's avatar
ShinRoneProfessional Digital Artist
wakaka ditunggu2..
bakal menarikni kayanya.. XD
GaGaGakun's avatar
Huhuhuhuhuhu klo anak SD baca, mereka akan mengenal yaoi dari kecil.. Gak rela!
refudger's avatar
You've told me about this project of yours of course, but I've just found out that you named it "Nusantara"! I really-really prefer the name Nusantara to Indonesia, so ostosmastis I really love the name! More power to you, Bay!
Bayou-Kun's avatar
Bayou-KunProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah, it has the perfect meaning geografically.

Thanks for your support, anyway! :D :D
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