Nusantara Comic project goes to publisher...
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Ok, like I said before in my argument with the comic editor, either she wants to take me in (with my lame digital style *sarcasm*) or not, it’s fully her decision. I don’t give a damn about it anymore. Hey, I’m not even the first one who offer my comic to her anyway, she just suddenly appear and judging my art and commented it on my DA front page.

After the incident, I’ve contacted another publisher and they have their interest in my comic. The respond is good, and without any unnecessary problem, they told me to wait around 2 weeks for their desicion as my comic is in pitching progress right now.

Anyway, the editor I’ve contacted said that my Nusantara Comic is a good idea to make the people in our country to have some interest in our own history. Yeah, why not? I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time, right after I read Hetalia. Why don’t I try to make a comic gag about Indonesian history, hell, we have quite a loooong story about it. Well, 350 years of colonization by the Dutch plus extra 3,5 years by the Japanese. There were a lot of things happened in that time. A hell lot of things...

I am so excited about this project!!

But, unfortunately, for you people outside Indonesia, in deeply regret, I have to say I’m discontinuing the online comic of Nusantara on my blog. I might continue it later IF I have permission from the publisher. ^^; But no worries, I'll still updating Nusantara Kiddo version here for you to enjoy. :D :D

Lastly, I’m very grateful there are many of you who are very open minded and support me. Thanks guys!

Ps. Because of the previous problem, I've got a lot compliments about my art that even reading it makes me embarrassed myself... Really, I don't think I deserve it. But still, thanks a lot for your appreciations...

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keep-on-goin's avatar
hooreee!!! maaauuu!!!!! XD

selamat yach...! sorry baru liat skrg.. ehehhehe.. :p

moga2 keluar januari gt.. eheheeh..
NienZien-ya's avatar
udah dikirim sebelum ketemuan di ohlala tho? truss keputusannya..???
Bayou-Kun's avatar
Bayou-KunProfessional Digital Artist
belom, mungkin minggu ini. ^^
gabrielxian's avatar
concrats!!!! btw, ini golongan fiksi?
wah sedap nih (pengen nguyah?) ada komik history indonesa! anda benar cinta tanah aer :D :D
Jejell's avatar
JejellHobbyist Digital Artist
bay, untuk referensi saja nih,
buka link ini: [link] lu bakal dapat data yang tidak ada pernah sebelumnya di buku sejarah pas sekolah..
mudah2an dapat sesuai yang kau inginkan ;)
Bayou-Kun's avatar
Bayou-KunProfessional Digital Artist
Uwaaa... Makasiiih!!! Kalo ada sumber yg lain, gw mau lagi!
prudencee-lumiere's avatar
XD hidup mnc~! HIDUP NUSANTARA~!!!
HarokichiKurone's avatar
HarokichiKuroneHobbyist General Artist
ditunggu komiknya! XD
bakal ttep ada fact2 yang dibawahnya itu kan?
jadi bisa buat blajar juga~ =3
asik jg ya klo bisa blajar pke komik aja. XP
*ditabokin guru2*
Bayou-Kun's avatar
Bayou-KunProfessional Digital Artist
So pasti lah fakta sejarahnya ada... :D :D
ArgentYue's avatar
ArgentYue Digital Artist
horaaaayyyyy.......akhirnya ^_^
shiroi-kishi's avatar
selain komik yang dibikin julian, nusantara-mu adalah komik indonesia ke-2 yang pengen kubeli XD

semangat, hidup komik indonesia !!!
kazutan's avatar
waaaai selamat yaaaaa :D
ditunggu loh hehehe. penerbit apa?
shukugumo's avatar
shukugumoProfessional General Artist
Wah ditunggu looo! XD
Bob-Raigen's avatar
Bob-RaigenProfessional Digital Artist
Congrats, senpai !!!! :XD: kutunggu komiknya :XD:
E-park's avatar
E-parkProfessional Digital Artist
ditunggu :D
Bayou-Kun's avatar
Bayou-KunProfessional Digital Artist
Mari... *gak nyambung*
hanekyu's avatar
congratzz, finally..XD~
Bayou-Kun's avatar
Bayou-KunProfessional Digital Artist
Iyah, akhirnya...
Wintaerland's avatar
Congrats! :D

And don't feel embarrassed, you deserved them
Bayou-Kun's avatar
Bayou-KunProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks. ^^
Wintaerland's avatar
no problem :hug:
akitabrilia's avatar
akitabriliaStudent Writer
i'll read em as soon as i'll come back to indo
Bayou-Kun's avatar
Bayou-KunProfessional Digital Artist
Waiting for you, hun. ^^
Dedefox's avatar
DedefoxProfessional Digital Artist
Goodluck! Bakak terbit bareng sama Garudayana-ny Is yah?
anonymous's avatar
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