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A burglar broke into my boarding house and stole my bicycle, shoes, and my phone. Luckily I woke up before he could take anything else. My boarding house is usually safe so I never lock my room when I’m in. My largest mistake…

I really, really hate to beg, but I need some quick cash to buy a new phone. If you want to help, you can buy some of my merchandise from here. Or you can commission me, or if you’re so kind, a small donation will help.

For the commission info.

Chibi : $15
Headshot : cell shade $15, painting $30
Bust : cell shade $20, painting $40
Waist : cell shade $25, painting $50
Full body : cell shade $35-$45 depend on the details (I don’t do full body painting since it will take a lot of time which I cannot provide, sorry ^^a)
B/W : bust up $15, full body $25

And here’s the terms and conditions :
- The price is only with simple color BG, or white, or transparent. 
- If you want me to draw an original character, please provide me with full details and/or picture reference if you have.
- The PSD flat high-res 300dpi file will be sent to your email for personal use only. 
- Which means you have the right to post it anywhere you like (but please at least give a credit to me), or you can print it for yourself or give it away as a gift, but do not sell my art anywhere else. 

Some samples can be seen on my gallery

If you're interested, just note me or email me at

If you're so kind and want to donate, my paypal address is

I’m opening my Kurobasu, HQ, and DMMD keychain/phonestrap, they're still in production and will be ready on early August.

Each is USD 6, if you buy 1 set, it will be USD 35 per set. And if you buy Aoba along with the set, it’ll only cost you $5 more.

These keychains and phonestraps are only available 10 sets each.


Pre-order special promo :

If you buy 2 sets, it’s going to be free shipping world wide.


International shipping: (regular mail ETA 2 weeks - 1 month)

- Asia and Australia : USD 6 

- Europe : USD 8 

- US and Canada : USD 10


Preorder will be closed on July 26th.

Shipping will start on August 9th


If you’re interested, you can email me at with subject “Keychain preorder”.

Please put the information below :

Name : (Your name as a recipient of the package. Can be real or nickname. This will be the name on your package’s address)

Address : (Please write your full address with your post code and your country)

Phone number : Along with your country code.

Quantity : (Name the set or the character’s name along with how many set/pieces you want)

I will write you back with the total sum and the paypal address. After you made the payment, send an email to inform your payment and paypal address to me. 

Thanks guys!


For Indonesia order, go here.

First drawing progress video I’ve ever made. XDD

Part 1, about an hour of work. Value and basic color. It's a kind of coloring method I develop during work, partly digital painting, partly soft cell shading(?) I dunno. ^^;

Check it out if you're interested. ^^

Artbook collaboration with :iconwolvtrune: :iconabondz: :iconnanjung110:

A4 size

36 pages with 28 illustrations.

Bonuses : A4 size folder and A5 size 2014 calendar.

Will be sold at Anime Festival Asia in Singapore and Comic Fiesta Malaysia, and worldwide. 



Event price : SGD 26 (AFA) - MYR 65 (CF)

International price : USD 26 (For international order after event)


International shipping: (regular mail ETA 2 weeks - 1 month)

- Asia : USD 6

- Europe : USD 8

- US and Canada : USD 10





USD 18.5




Preorder will be closed on November 7th.

Shipping for preorder will be start on November 16th 


If you're interested, you can email us at with subject "Shingekyo fanbook preorder". 

Please put the information below :

Name : (Your name as a recipient of the book. Can be real or nickname. This will be the name on your package's address)

Preorder for : AFA SG / CF MY / International

Address : (Please write your full address with your post code and your country. You don't need to fill this if you're going to pick the book at AFA or CF)

Phone number : Along with your country code.

Quantity : (How many books do you want)

We will write you back with the total sum and the paypal address. After you made the payment, inform it back to us, and we'll send your invoice.

You need to print the invoice and give it to us if you're going to pick the book at AFA or CF.


We will still accept orders after November 7th, but the price is regular price. Write the subject "Shingekyo fanbook order"


Untuk pemesanan lokal, klik disini.

Thanks to :iconboys-exchange: for inviting me... 

Dear Secret Santa

I would very much like it this year if you could draw me any of these characters

1. Blank
He's my OC for Canvas-rangeR
CR OC : Blank by Bayou-Kun

Mature Content

CR Mission +Dakimakura Blank+ by Bayou-Kun

He looks rough and fierce, but really, he actually is a bit stupid and a perfect housewifehusband, he can cook, clean, and takes care of his children teammates.
Hair : Brown 
Eyes : Golden
Height : 193cm
My request: 
You can either draw him looking all cool and gallant or you can draw him doing housekeeping work or babysitting or something. LOL

2. Al and Shia
From my totally neglected manga... ><
Reverse cover - Front by Bayou-Kun Reverse page 002-003 - colored by Bayou-Kun
Al is a bear and Shia is a human child (please don't think too much, they only have platonic relationship, I'm not or rather, was a shotacon LOL). It's a story of a reverse universe where animals are the ruler of the world and humans, well, you can say they're the 'animals' in that universe. A reverse world, like I said. Al is like a caring parent toward Shia, and the little boy is actually quite rebellious.
Hair : Dark brown 
Eyes : Dark brown
Height : 198.5cm
Hair : Light brown
Eyes : Blue
Height : 142cm
My request: 
I would love you to draw them both together in a heartwarming scene.

3. Red and/or Serigala
My original character based on Grimm's "Little Red Riding Hood." \
For Serigala reference, visit my tumblr page here. I still don't have the colored version of him, so you just have to rely on the description here. ^^a
Red is a werewolf hunter came from the lineage of the original 'Little Red Riding Hood' and Serigala (meaning 'wolf' in English) is a werewolf. Red is rebellious towards his family, he doesn't want to be a hunter since he's not interested in the family business and loves to laze around. He wants to end the 500 years war between his clan and the werewolf just because he doesn't want to be burdened with it for the rest of his life. A little hard work for a lifetime leisure, he said (yeah, he's too stupid to believe that, or just too over-confident that ending 500 years war to be that easy). He's arrogant, over-confident, self-centered, playboy, and a pain-in-the-ass-lazy bastard. While Serigala is an outcast of his pack and somewhat ended up being picked up by Red. Despite of his fierce look, Serigala is gentle-mannered, a bit otomen (a guy who (not necessarily girly, but) love girly things--please refer to Otomen to avoid confusion because of my lame explanation), and he always being bullied by Red.
Hair : Platinum
Eyes : red
Height : 190cm
Hair/fur : Black 
Eyes : Golden
Height : 195cm
He has short black hair, 3 beauty spots on his left temple, a scar that run across his nose to his left cheek.
My request: 
You can either draw Red or Serigala only. But I'd love you to draw them both together. Both of them are kinda in love-hate relationship. Of course, Red is the dominant one with bossy attitude toward Serigala. While Serigala, although he hates Red, he respect the arrogant young man for being the one who thinks out of the box. Wwwwwwww... 

Thank you santa and I look forward to whatever you've chosen to draw for me.


GUMI ID is looking for a senior artist

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 20, 2013, 2:11 AM

GUMI ID is looking for senior artist. Interested?

Please note that we're looking for an illustrator, not graphic designer. Send your illustrated portfolio only.

And we prefer non smoking artist. LOL. Or at least someone considerable enough to smoke outside the office since we're not providing smoking room. :devilish:

My usual argument with my boss...

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 26, 2011, 10:46 PM

Usual case:
He didn't like the illustration I made and told me to change it. Even though before he didn't say anything about it, but he always got this brilliant idea verrrry near or right on the deadline day.

Boss : "I don't like it, change it."
Me : "Boss, it's due today, we're going to be late for printing."
Boss : "I don't care, just do it."
Me : "Then why don't you tell me sooner? I need at least 3 days to finish it."
Boss : "Why? It's easy, right?"
Me : "If it's so easy, why don't you do it yourself?" [yes, I dare to argue my boss]
Boss : "If I had to do it myself, then why do I need to hire you?"
Me : ")*@&$&*)%@)&*^^^*<>":<>"@*&$^%!!" <<grumbling inside

Conclusion :
I need to work overtime to redo the illustration.


Usual case:
He needed a complex illustration for a magazine cover and told me 3 days before deadline.

Boss : "Bay, I need an illustration of this [gives me reverence of a complex photo]. The picture is low-res so we can't use it for cover."
Me : "Err..."
Boss : "Can you do it?" [with intimidating voice]
Me : "We can, but at least we need a week to finish it."
Boss : "Do it in 3 days before deadline."
Me : "What?? No way we can do that!"
Boss : "Just draw it, if you can't finish it, then we'll use the alternate cover."
Me : [take a deep breath to calm myself] "I don't want to work my sweat for something that's going to be useless. If you wanted to use the alternate cover, better change it now. But if you wanted us to draw it, then you have to use the illustration."
Boss : "Then you gotta finish it on time."
Me : "(*^#*&^)*&*&)$%&*@&*))*(*()%&*><><:"!!" <<glumbling quite aloud.

Conclusion :
In the end, the illustrator team had to work overtime to finish the illustration.


Usual case:
He needed me to edit things on the deadline date. Again, it usually a complex thing.

Boss : "Bay, change this into... [gives instructions]"
Me : "Sure, for when?"
Boss : "Today." [it's 4 p.m. already]
Me : "What? No way! At least give me time until tomorrow. It's already late to deliver the file to be printed anyway."
Boss : "Just do it quickly."
Me : "Tsk, fine."
Later he came to check on my work.
Boss : "Change this and that and those too..."
Me : "What? You said you wanted it like this."
Boss : "I think it's better that way."
Me : [grumbling but do it anyway]
Boss : "Say, how about adding this and that and those..."
Me : "There's no time! I wanna go home!" [started to sound hysterical] "If only you told me to change it sooner...!!"

Conclusion :
He leave it at that but looked unsatisfied. I went home and took the next day off. Later he would still nag me about the matter.

The rules of the bosses

1. Bosses never wrong.
2. Employees have to obey their bosses.
3. If the bosses happened to be wrong, just remember point one and two.

Yeah, for office workers, just accept and eat the bitter...

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Christmas love confession...

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 27, 2010, 1:43 AM

Random things are very random...

Getting a love confession at Christmas seems romantic, ne?

Well, not in my case.

This Christmas, I got a love confession from a very random guy I just met for less than half an hour in a public transportation when I was on the way to my grams' house.

Well, I promised my aunt to visit my grams' house at Christmas. So, as I promised, I went there. I was supposed to go there at Christmas Eve, but I got stuck by a deadline, so I have to delay it to Christmas. On the dated day, I got up early in the morning to avoid traffic jam in the holiday, so at 7 I was already on my way and hopped in to a public transportation, a mini bus.

There's a guy sitting a row in front of me who was talking quite aloud. At first I thought that he was talking to the guy next to him, but then I realized that he was talking to his cell phone which connected to a headphone with a mic. I thought, what a showy guy, so I tune up my own MP3 player. I was wearing a headphone too, to avoid random people start talking to me; I just hated it when that happened.

I was enjoying my Glee songs in my headphone when the guy in front of me finally stopped talking over the phone and sat quietly. Well, not long before he turned at me and asked for the time, since he said, he didn't have any wristwatch. [See? It was meant to avoid these things happen, but it still happen]

I was thinking, he was just talking over his phone by now; his phone must've had a clock, right? Which cell phone that doesn't? Though I don't get flirted a lot, but I know that was the cheesiest picking line a guy could ever have. The most popular is, “Hey, where are you going?” And yet, you're sitting in the same bus with the same direction with the other party.

Anyway, I told him the exact time, it was a quarter past seven. He said thanks and turned back. By the time I put on my headphone, he was turning back at me again and asked some random things, I gave him a short answer and put back my headphone, but he kept turning back and asking me things. So I had to put down my headphone and forced myself to listen to whatever gibberish things he wanted to tell me.

This is the exact thing I wanted to avoid. I deliberately put on my headphone, showing that I'm not interested to talk. But he seemed didn't get the message. So I have to endure it. Yes, yes, I'm the polite type who just can't ignore people, especially when they're being polite, annoying, but still polite.

So, we chit-chat for a while, and I let him do the talking, since I don't talk about myself to a stranger—well, not including writing something in my blog like this. Haha... He asked for my cell phone number, and at first I refused to give it to him, but I really can't say no to pushy people. In the end, I surrendered and entered my phone number in his cell phone [and like I guess before, his phone has a clock].

He drop off around less than half an hour later, while I'm still have a long way to my grams' house.

Later in the afternoon, I got a phone call from him, it was around 5 p.m. We talked for a while, and I was quiet most of the time, hinting that I'm not interested. Which he still didn't catch the obvious hint. Though later I talked a little much since I'm cursed with this chatter box mouth. And somewhere in the middle of the conversation, he confessed his love. I was like, "What?"

I asked him what did he like from me? We just met several hours ago, let alone, only less than half an hour. He said that he liked the way I talked, and I'm quite funny [again, cursed me and my joking habit]. Oh, he said I'm cute too.Though I was quite flattered, but I said, I'm very sorry, because I don't date a stranger I just met, and I don't believe in love at first sight either.

I'm well aware of my physique. I'm not someone you can call pretty that you'd fallen in love with me right on the spot, I'm overweight, and my only sexual appeal was my big boobies. XDD I'm too tomboy and I throw dirty jokes too often that my male friends consider me as their male friends, not a girl they wanted to date. Yes, I'm pathetic, but at least I'm not that desperate to accept any random guy to be my boyfriend...

Anyway, I have my reasons not to date him, aside that we just have met.

1. He brags too much. He said that he had his master degree in Germany, which I don't believe, because the level of his education just doesn't suit his manner. I can tell that someone is smart or bright just by listening the way they talk and the content of their conversations. And this one definitely isn't on that Master degree level. Especially not one that graduated from abroad college.

2. He tried to impress me in the field I don't know. He said he had a band, and he's a drummer. He mentioned some names [who was suppose to be famous] he'd been playing with in the same stage.  I don't recognize any of it since I don't live in that world. I don't even know the names of each personnel of a very famous Indonesian band group. I love to sing, but I don't really care about the band or the singer. If I love the songs, that just it. I'm not a teenage girl in their puberty that loves oh-I'm-a-band-person-and-can-play-instruments-too.

3. He said he could speak 5 different languages [Indonesian [duh], Malaysian, German, English, and a little French]. But when I talked to him in English—since he started it, he just gave me a blank stare. Then he muttered something which I don't get at all [at first, I thought it was just because the noise of the car], but when he said he didn't understand my English, since I talked with American-English, while he used British-English. I said inside my heart, what's the difference with that? Both are still English, they only have different term for some things and different accents, but overall it's just the same. And I'm proudly say that—though I often make mistakes with my grammar—my English pronunciation is perfect, I don't have weird local accent [aka Indonesian accent], though I'm using American accent, I can imitate British accent quite well too. There is NO WAY that someone who can speak English DON'T understand my English speaking. Then I realized, that he was actually talking in an unknown random language and gave me that excuse to avoid that he actually CAN'T speak English.

4. He said he hated cops, so he and his friends were once beaten one and got jailed for it. I asked him, why did he do that? He said, it's just because he didn't like cops. I don't think beating people up out of nowhere is right, let alone, a police officer. And that, my friend, isn't something someone with high education would do, or bragged on. And he said he only be jailed for a day because one of his uncles with higher rank got him out and he and his subordinates almost tear the police station down to get him out. Too exaggerating? I thought so too.

5. He was once a junkie and an alcoholic, though he got treated and didn't use them anymore. Even if he's cured, I don't think that's a good sign. I never touch drugs [illegal ones, duh, not the medication ones], and rarely drink alcohol, I have low tolerance for it. I don't smoke either. And I don't want my boyfriend-to be has ever used one of those [smokes are tolerable at some points].

6. Now let's talk about look. I don't actually have special criteria for looks. All the guys I've ever liked had a so-so look, I always liked them for their personality, not by their appearances. Now this guy was not that ugly, though I can't say that he's good looking either, but I don't like guys with crappy teeth. And he got one of his teeth rotten and decaying. That is a big no-no.

And look at me, ranting everything this long. Hahahaha... Ok, I'm going to stop here. XDD For the finale, I've finally managed to reject him and said that we'd better be friends. The end.

Anyway, that Christmas is really one of the extraordinary days I've ever had. ^^

Merry belated Christmas and happy holidays, guys!

:icondoujinshiindonesia: :icon9lives-fansclub: :iconyaoimangakas:

*CSS by BaB-Jane
*Stock by Ginnyhaha-Stock
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Commission progress

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 8:16 PM
Reputation takes years to build but only need a second to destroy

I've been following a case that happened to an acquaintance of mine. She's having serious issues with her commissioners and somewhat it scared me shitless. Since I too, own quite a handful commissions on the line and working on it for too long.

Indeed, I've been using my business at work as an excuse. And though I've warned all of my commissioners about my extremely slow working pace, and they're kind enough to understand my situation, I shouldn't have used that excuse to delay my responsibility too long for those who already pay me money to draw them something. When I had one of my commissioners asked their money back, that was a hard slap across my face.

As a sanguine person, multitasking really is a huge problem! I mostly got confused in things I should do first. And by the time I'm working on it, I easily got distracted with other things coming. Combine that with a phlegmatic personality, and voila! You got yourself one lazy bum that couldn't do multitasking job and easily got distracted, named: me. XD

I know I've been taking too long to finish the commissions, but I assure you, I'll get it done. I still can't promise you I'm going to do it real quick, but I'm trying my best for it.

I'm very appreciate your consideration. Thanks...

Ok, enough for the rant. In this journal, I want to show you the commission progress I've done.

WIP - Myself and I by Bayou-Kun
In pending status since he too, hasn't work on designing my web. XD

WIP - After match by Bayou-Kun
A lineart commission. I actually had 2 more lame sketches that I didn't satisfy with. And I think I want to change this one too. She asked a winning pose after a football/soccer match of her OC, but I have no idea what to draw a winning pose after a match, alone... So I still need to rethink new interesting pose for this one... TT^TT

WIP - Reading by Bayou-Kun WIP - Hmm... by Bayou-Kun
Aeron and Peri. From the two commissions, only this that exist in my PC since the colored Aeron is in my broken external HD, I only have to color the BG. This and Peri are in my broken HD, and unfortunately for Peri, I haven’t back up the file into my PC. So I have to redraw Peri and recolor Aeron. Sorry...

WIP - On the phone1 by Bayou-Kun WIP - On the phone2 by Bayou-Kun
Paris and Lawrence. This too, share the same faith like the previous one. Though I managed to save both, and I only need to do the BG for Paris, I have to re-color Lawrence.

WIP - Skateboard by Bayou-Kun
Well, this one practically done the line only, I haven't started coloring it, yet.

Sorry, the lineart is in my broken HD and I haven't backup it to my PC, so I have to redraw it from scrap again. ><

And :iconkera-kerangalam::iconraikou-neko::iconalfazil: for the $15 commissions, I haven't started drawing them. Please be patient a little bit longer.

Thank you for your attention. ^^

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Canvas Ranger Mania!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 22, 2010, 6:57 PM
Blank merkaos orang??

Nah lo... setelah gosip santer waktu itu Blank diperkosa orang yg ga jelas siapa, kali ini Blank yg merkosa orang...

Dan orang itu adalah Kurata!

Apa yang terjadi?!?!

Selidik punya selidik, ternyata Blank mabok secara ngga sengaja terus nyeret2 Kurata ke kamarnya dan terjadilah insiden itu... demonicangel-bayou.deviantart.…

Apa yang terjadi sebenarnya? Kurata menolak untuk berkomentar dan tampak tertekan dengan insiden ini, sedang Blank cuma melongo ngga inget apa2. Sedang Bayou sang creator malah cengar-cengir seakan menyembunyikan sesuatu.

Lalu, apa reaksi Rokoz atas insiden ini?? Apakah akan terjadi perang? Bagaimana nasib Blank selanjutnya?? Saksikan episode yang semakin menarik ini!!

Lalu, bagaimana dengan sinetron Mazohara?! Apakah drama realiti kali ini dapat mengalahkan rating sinetron tersebut?!?!

Jengjeeeeng *SFX sinetron*

Halah... kok makin ngaco aja ini... :P :P

Blank diperkaos??

Udah lama ga kedengeran kabar beritanya [gara2 creatornya sibuk najis], begitu nongol, langsung menggebrak dengan kabar mengejutkan!!

Blank merkosa orang!! *digampar Blank*

Erm... maksudnya diperkosa... [tapi kalo yg 'gituinnya' bukan dia tapi malah elo, jadi apa dong?] *digampar Blank lagi*

Blank : "Gua yang jadi korbann!!"

Iya deh, diperkosa...

Ceritanya ada disini demonicangel-bayou.deviantart.… >> BL warning, dan maap, underage ga bakal bisa baca, udah diset adult content filter soale... ^^;

Sampai saat ini yg merkosanya masih belom ketauan, soalnya si Blank masih gamao ngaku. Kasian pacarnya, belom juga nongol batang idungnya alias press release siapa orangnya, cowoknya malah udah diperjakain orang lain...

Jadi DICARI si 'Cinderfella'nya Blank ini!! [Kalo Cinderella kan cewek, karena cowok namanya jadi Cinderfella]

Blank : Jangan gosip macem2!!! *cekek2 Bayou*

Canvas Ranger on Animonster#136

Animonster #136 udah terbitt!!! XDD

Silahkan pergi ke toko buku atau agen majalah terdekat untuk membeli 1 eksemplar majalah ini, karena ada artikel CANVAS RANGER didalamnya!!!

Oh iya, gomen sebelumnya. Tadinya gw udah supply banyak sekali gambar anak2 CR buat dimasukin ke artikel sampe2 harus nyunat besar-besaran isi artikelnya. Taunya sama bagian disain yg kepake cuma dikit, jadi banyak gambar yg ga masuk. >A<

Artikel CR
Ini previewnya, kalo mau baca, beli sendiri... :P

Blank got himself a GIRLfriend!
Muwahahahahaha... Soon guys, soon... Blank bakal dapet pacar CEWEK!!


Siapakah dia?

Tunggu saja kisah selanjutnya di sinetron Mazo... *digeplak Blank sebelom bisa nerusin*

Blank : Ini ga ada hubungannya sama sinetron nista itu!! Lagian, dengan ini gw mendeklarasikan kalo gw STRAIGHT!!!

Bayou : Ah masa iyaa~? Bukannya cuma diversion doang? :P :P *digerus Blank pake parutan kelapa*

Lembaran baru dalam kehidupan Blank pun terbuka? Apakah dengan ini semua orang berhenti menganggapnya maho??

Mungkin tidak...

Go-Green Troops becomes quest
Berdasarkan diskusi dengan admin, Go-Green Troops menjadi quest. Oleh karena itu, sistem leader ditiadakan karena tidak sesuai dengan prikemanusiaan dan prikeadilan aturan yang ada dalam Canvas Ranger, biar ngga self centered. Tapi teteup, semua anggota bisa joinan pasukan ini. Aturan main tetep sama, tinggal liat di deviation Go-Green Troops gw. ^^

Logo Go-Green Troops
Logo Go-Green troops bisa diambil disini
CR - Go Green Troops - Logo by ajiraiya
Special thanks to :iconajiraiya: yg udah bikinin logonya. :D :D :tighthug:

CR on Animonster, soon!
Because of my addiction and my appreciation to this group, I'm writing an article about Canvas-rangeR in the magazine I'm working on; Animonster.

I've spoken to the chief-editor of the magazine, and she seem to be interested in it, and allow me to write about Canvas-rangeR. Of course, I've already asked the group admininstrators for permission to write about it, and they seem to be excited about this too. This will be the first Indonesian blog group article written in the magazine.

My personal opinion; I love how they can think of many creatives way to prevent artblock. In my case, it really is working. I never feel that drawing is this fun, not in these 5 long years. Before my drawing status changed; from hobby to work. ^^;

So this is how I'm going to show my appreciation.

Oh, I also am going to add some arts from the group members in the article. The chosen artist will be mentioned briefly in the article alongside all admins of Canvas Ranger. ^^

So Indonesian fellaz, please check on Animonster Magazine#136, July 2010 issue, for this article. Who knows your arts are shown in it. :D


To the admins of Canvas-rangeR, how would you like to be mentioned in the article? Would you like your personal nickname written on it or your DA nickname [the one in your DA link page]?

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I'm back... for now...

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 21, 2010, 8:30 PM
So many things happened

I'm terribly sorry that I've been in hiatus state again. So many things happened in the past month that continuously keeps me busy. First, my senpai, my tutor, and my superior at office, adipatijulian resigned. His tasks were handed over to me, I'm not officially become the Chief Illustrator, but I've been doing the job for 2 months already. Kinda makes me confused since I'm too used to be a mere employee. All I do was just receiving tasks and do it. But now, I have to do... well, practically everything my old superior had done; receiving tasks from the chief editors of each magazines, managing the tasks, doing it, I also have to deal with some other things the boss requires, and many other things. TT^TT

The boss said that he'll supervise my work before he make me into Chief Illustrator. Which is very depressing, since I work double but still having my old salary... I don't care about the status! Just raise my salary, so it's worth I've been doing right now!! >A<

Then, a major incident happened to my external HD, yap, you can pretty much guess it. It's broken! I don't know why, it suddenly breaks, just like that. The PC can't recognize the external HD. Oh my gawd!!! After the incident with my computer, I saved most of my work in the external HD and back it up to my PC. But, in that tragic day... I haven't back up my external HD for almost a month, and hahahaha... *cries*

I took it to a computer store and they said they could fix it, but it took quite some time and not all of the data could be saved. So, there goes my whole month unbackuped work... Only god knows it can be restored or not. It's been a week now and I haven't heard from them again. Hopefully they can restore all of it. If not, at least 80% of it.

Along with the external HD, my PC monitor was broken too... *sigh*. It was fixed in just 2 days, so... it's not a big deal.

For my commissioners, I'm terribly sorry. I know you all have been waiting for a long time, but you'll have to wait some more until my external HD is fixed, since I'm too lazy to redraw or recolor the commissions. m(_ _)m Well, if it can't be restored, then I'll have to draw it from scrap again.

Sorry again...

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New blog

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 8, 2010, 9:04 PM

Hey there guys, what's up?

I just want to inform you about my new blog I've made. It was made specially for submitting my original BL stories. ^^

:new:Nichoume corner:new:

A little warning, though. The content of the blog is not suitable for underage. ^^; It's not restricted or something. But keep in mind that you'll see some sex scene and strong language in it.

So, if you're mature enough and interested, come and visit the blog. It's just an amateur work, so please do tolerate my lame English since I'm still learning to write properly. ^^

And don't forget to say hi on the guestbook, or leave a comment, or follow my blog if you want. Hehe...

Aanyway, if you have visited it, tell me how do you like the template? It took me 3 days to transform it from the original skin template I downloaded from Blogskins, into that.

At first, I was totally blind about html codes, so I tried to download some videos for simple blog editing tutorial a friend gave me. But due the superlame net connections, downloading the youtube video took me forever! While waiting, I tried to find some hints and clues for the codes in the internet, changing it as far as I could and somewhat figured out things on my own. So when I watched the video, I cursed at it because 3 out of 5 videos taught me the things I've already done before while trying things up. Hahaha...

Up to this point, I could read the codes to some extent and change the basics; like colors, fonts, simple layouting like heights, wides, putting some images, giving links and hyperlinks, and such.

And oh, my favorite was the text change on the menu bar when you hover it. Pretty cool, eh?

Well, maybe to some of you things like that aren't special. But for me, who was formerly totally blind into these things, it was pretty awesome that my idiotic brain could figure those codes up. Some friends helped me also, and one of them was actually did the final checking of the codes and repaired the problem I've had with the archive links.

So, hope you like it. ^^

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DMC Reboot.

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 17, 2010, 5:43 AM
3 words... What the fuck?
Some called it DMC5. It actually a reboot for DMC, so the title is only DMC.

The one that automatically caught my eyes was the new ugly Dante's design character. Black haired skinny junkie looking brat as Dante... Puhlease... can't they make a better character design?? I mean, what's wrong with the old one? If they want to reboot it, why can't they keep Dante's original design character? Was it because the creators are different?

Heck, what the hell was going on with this reboot thing? Instead of rebooting it, why don't Capcom explore more of DMC's original world. Like showing more papa Sparda for instance. I'd like to see moar oyajis instead of skinny junkie brat claiming himself as 'Dante'.

Here's the screen-shot from the trailer
DMC reboot

And the trailer in case you haven't seen it >>…

OMG... can you imagine if there's any 'Vergil' who looks like this also??? Or even papa Sparda?!?! :faint:

I don't know if you have the same opinion like me, but personally, I don't like the idea of this DMC reboot at all...

Please, say you love the old Dante...


The director... see the similarity?
DMC director

Aaaand here's the gag.

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Fasting month, hectic month

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 7, 2010, 2:12 AM
Happy Eid Al Fitr

Oh my... it seems that I've been in hiatus for over 2 weeks. This month is the usual annually hectic month because we have to fast forward every deadlines of our magazines to catch up with the Eid Al Fitr holiday.

Yess... we're dying in the past few weeks hereee... :faint:

And I think I'm going to be in hiatus for another week for the holiday. Like last year, I'm visiting my grandma for Eid Al Fitr.

Hereby, due the holy Ramadhan month to welcome Eid Al Fitr, I want to apologize if I have any mistakes to all of you.

So, happy Eid Al Fitr to all of you who celebrate it!


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The Last Airbender SUCKZ!!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 10, 2010, 2:35 AM
I think Shamalan wants to be the second Boll*
*Uwe Boll who directed Mortal Combat, Mortal Combat Annihilation, Street Fighter, and many other disastrous adaptation movie.

It was worse than I thought it would be.

I've heard the bad review of this movie, so I didn't expect much. But after seeing it with my own eyes, it's much worse than what I've heard! Bad script, bad directing, standard acting, lame set, and such a major adaptation movie disaster!

I don't really mind with a lot of scene cut from the original animation. Well, what do you expect? The movie had to shorten the total 20 episodes of 30 minutes duration from the first season animation into 103 minutes of movie duration. But please... with the awful script, the whole thing was a mess! Bits of pieces of information scattered everywhere. The tension wasn't built well. The climax was so-so. Moreover the lame dialogue made it worse! The 'ok' point was only the bending effect, and the correction of the firebender who also need their source of fire, not that it came out of nowhere.

I really do mind they changed the character's race. NOT that I'm a racist; it's not about which race is better than another, not at all. Honestly. It was all about the fitting image of the original characters with the actors and actresses. I don't have to describe it, but I think you can get the picture.

Lame acting. Not actually that bad, but the acting was standard, and nothing special. Except for Dev Patel, he’s good at showing Zuko's desperation. But once again, because of the bad script and bad lines, he seemed to be a little—just a little—exaggerating. For everyone who's familiar with Avatar, we all know how desperate Zuko was, but in the movie, there wasn't much showing Zuko's past, it was all in scattered information here and there. And did you notice that some actors paused several times for a few seconds in the middle of his sentence—as if he forgot his lines—then continued it again? Shamalan didn’t even bother to redo the scene.

Standard set, bad 3D effect. With over 100 million USD budget, can't he made a better set? The sets are not convincing enough for you to see that it's 'real'. And the 3D... The thing that attracted the audience to watch the 3D was the layered 3D effect that made us—well—see in 3D. The last air bender had so many blurred BG, which was blended with the foreground that made it look flat [even in 3D effect], so it's not different with the standard 2D movie.

Bad fighting sequence. Though the effect was good, the fighting sequence doesn't build the tension at all. It was so lame, I got bored watching it. And too much bending gesture, so if they fight normal people, they will lose in a second before they can bend anything. One stab, and it's all over.

Last, the chemistry between each characters. Everything was so plain; I couldn't see how deeply they feel at each other. I just go 'huh?' at everything.

I'm a fan of Avatar : The Last Airbender animation, and I’m very disappointed with the movie.

Overall, it seem like an amateur movie with super high budget!

So, I rate this movie

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I'm one of the luckiest person in the world ^^

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 31, 2010, 12:31 AM
A Rank for my life
Ok, enough with the art theft thingy. Now's time to review what I have in life.

This is a meme thing, it's pretty fun to do. I stole took it from :iconkonoesuzumiya: :D :D


[ ] You have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
[x] You have your own room. I have 2 rooms! One in Bandung and one at my hometown in Depok!
[x] You own a cell phone. I have TWO!! Har har har...
[x] You have an mp3 player/ipod/discman.
[x] Your parents are still married. My parents are married for life, even though my mom has passed away several years ago, my old man never had any intention to remarried.
[x] You love your family.
[ ] There is a pool/spa in your backyard.
T 0 T A L: 5

[x] You dress the way you want to.
[x] You hang out with friends more than once a week.
[x] There is a computer/laptop in your room.
[x] You have never been beaten up.I was the bully though
[x] You are allowed to listen to the music you want to.
[x] Your room is big enough for you.
[x] People don't use you for something you have.
T 0 T A L: 12

[x] You have over 500 friends on facebook. I have over one thousand baby!! Though I only know less than 10% of them. Hahahaha...
[x] You have pictures on facebook.
[x] Your parents let you have a facebook. My old man HAS a facebook account
[x] You get allowance/loan. Now I have my own salary, baby!
[x] You collect something normal.
[x] You look forward to going to college. I'm way pass that phase, man. But I did look forward to it.
[x] You don't wish you were someone else. I love myself. Never once have I thought of being someone else
[x] You play a sport. Not often, but yes. I love swimming.
[x] You want to do something after school/college. Hahahaha... I've been waaaay over it! I have a job that I love very much.
T 0 T A L: 21

[ ] You own a car/truck. I don't, but I have my own bike.
[ ] You usually don't fight with your parent(s). Tsk! Too bad I'm not always in a good term with my old man
[ ] You have never got a failing grade on a report card in your life. Dang, just one E in college time...
[x] You have friends. Tons of them!! I love my social life.
[x] You've never had a detention. Called to the counseling room, yes. Detention, no.
T O T A L: 23

[x] You know what is going on in the world.
[x] You are happy with your life. Very much!!
[x] You usually aren't sick. I'm the healthiest person in my office! Hahahaha! Never get sick more than 2 times a year!
[x] You know more than one language.
[x] You have a screen name.
[x] You own a pet. I have 5 cats and 2 hamsters
[x] You know the words to more than 5 songs.
[ ] You don't have any enemies. Not sure about this one. I don't think I have, but I don't know if the other party thinks the same
T O T A L: 30

Total over all: 30

Times it by 3 = 90

101%+: A+
90-100%: A
80-89%: B
70-79%: C
60-69%: D
00-59%: F

Repost saying "I got A in life"


Yes, I'm lucky to be me. :D

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Art theft!!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 28, 2010, 7:54 PM
S/he took down all of her/his deviation
I think s/he's learned her/his lesson now. That a simple thing could become a BIG matter if it was related to credit and copyright.

:heart: Thank you for all your support!! :D :D :heart:

You ask for it!!
Here, here... recognize something?
:thumb139222866: by :iconharukodemontay:

This pic was mirrored and traced from the back cover of my 9Lives manga that published by Tokyopop in October 2008.
9-Lives:Cover by Bayou-Kun

This morning, :icondemonnyoko: reported it to me and gave me the proof. See her journal… to see other arts that the theft traced.


At first, I didn't want to exaggerate this matter since it was just an amateur art, and thought that s/he might traced my pic for practice or something. But her/his respond kinda pissed me off. So I gotta do what I gotta do...

I gave her a light warning by saying this:
"Excuse me, but I think this pose is taken from the back cover of my manga The 9Lives . And it is COPYRIGHTED! I believe that you use the picture as reference for this one, so do please give a credit for me and the original book or you will be considered as an art theft."

But then, not only s/he didn't put down the pic, s/he disable the comment, and blocked me from her page. Ain't that sweet?

I reported this matter to DA admin and waiting for the respond soon.

This won't be such a big matter if only s/he did one simple thing; to give the credit for the book and saying that s/he's simply practicing or something...

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About the roses

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 25, 2010, 10:04 PM
Yes, some people have guessed correctly about what it was all about.

I've asked in my polling, "If you have to arrange a bouquet of combined 100 red and white roses, how will you arrange the proportion of the roses?"

The result of the answers are; the more red roses you add in the bouquet, the more of a Sadist you are, and the more of white roses you add, the more of a Masochist you are. The balance answer is normal people... :P

I answered 70 red and 30 white. :D :D And I think that it was true, cuz I had to admit that I'm a bit of a sadist. :devilish:

Anyway, I have a funny story about this. I have a friend, whom I know is a total M [of course, he's unaware of it himself], so I asked this question. And his answer was, "99 white roses with 1 red rose in the middle."

I roared in laughter hearing this. Then I told him the meaning of the answers, and he seemed bashful, not denying any of it. Because he often heard me saying that he's an "unconscious M". Then I told him to ask the same question to his girlfriend, whom I see from my point of view, was a total S. I told him that I was very sure she would chose at least almost all red with a very few white.

Not long after that, when I approached him and we have a chat, he told me that he was just had a call from his girlfriend. And I asked him, did he ask the question? He said yes, and her answer was 70 red and 30 white. I laughed and said that it was the same answer with me. But he quickly added, before she told him that answer, she said that she liked red, so she'd prefer the bouquet was all red, but if there should be white in it, then it'll be 70:30.

Again, I roared in laughter hearing this and said, "See? Told ya so! Oh yeah, you guys are a perfect match..."

How about you guys? Do you think the result of the answer is true? :rofl:

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Let's Play!! [GAME END!!!] :D

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 23, 2010, 11:39 PM
WARNING: Fujyoshi and Fudanshi ONLY! :P

The game has ended!!

We have a winner here!
1st place
:iconhujanmatahari: with 10 correct answers!

2nd place
:iconthedevilstruesmile: with 5 correct answers!

3rd place
:iconashshi-argent: with 4 correct answers!

Thanks for participating! Sorry that I have no prizes for this, but I just hope you all have fun!

See ya in another game!!

Bayou. :D :D

Let's see how much you know about BL stuff! :D

Take a good look at all these seme's eyes. Can you guess the mangaka who created them just by looking at their eyes? :devilish:

Wow, it's 29 correct answers now!! C'mon, minna!! Just 1 more and the game will be completed!!!
:D :D

Seme eyes

Or you can see here if the picture is cut…

You can guess randomly. It's ok if you can't guess 'em all. :D I'll fill these numbers with the correct answers and the icon of the correct guesser.
1. C.J. Michalski :iconhujanmatahari:
2. Fuwa Shinri :iconthedevilstruesmile:
3. Kanbe Akira :iconashshi-argent:
4. Kisaragi Hirotaka :iconhujanmatahari:
5. Takanaga Hinako :iconhujanmatahari:
6. Itsuki Kaname :iconashshi-argent:
7. Kamon Saeko :iconthedevilstruesmile:
8. Kirishima Tamaki :iconhujanmatahari:
9. Maruya Kae :iconhujanmatahari:
10. Tennouji Mio :iconthedevilstruesmile:
11. Masara Minase :iconashshi-argent:
12. Yamane Ayano :iconhujanmatahari:
13. Moegi Yuu :iconthedevilstruesmile:
14. Narazaki Souta :iconthedevilstruesmile:
15. Tohjoh Asami :iconcamiyu:
16. Minami Haruka :iconashshi-argent:
17. Nakamura Shungiku :iconvelvet-vampire:
18. Bohra Naono :iconhujanmatahari:
19. Youka Nitta :iconhujanmatahari:
20. Yamato Nase :iconakira-kei-shota:
21. Odagiri Hotaru :iconpaperunicorns:
22. Ougi Yuzuha :iconhujanmatahari:
23. Sakuraga Mei :iconkagurafuuko:
24. Shimizu Yuki :iconhujanmatahari:
25. Zaou Taishi :iconcatsummoner:
26. Takashima Kazusa :iconkamachu:
27. Yamada Yugi :iconpaperunicorns:
28. Fujiyama Hyouta :iconpaperunicorns:
29. Norikazu Akira :iconnanjung110:
30. Inariya Fusanosuke :iconvml1212:

Good luck guys!

Picture are taken from friend's pic in FB. :D

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Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 18, 2010, 9:06 PM
I couldn't thank you enough...

I don't know other words higher than 'thank you' to express my feelings! Thank you so much for all your attention and love for me! And also thank you for all your birthday greetings, points donation, llamas, and cakes!!!

Love you all!!

I put the icons of all who give me birthday greetings for you to know that I really appreciate it. :heart: :heart:

Special Thanks to
:icondeadbodyalive: for the lovely bag and eyeliner. :D
:iconatobe333: for the birthday cake and the points! :tighthug:
:iconmazjojo: for giving me 3 birthday cakes. [whatta waste of points... better if you donate it for me... :P *joking*]
:iconconveito: for the pixel icon. :heart:
:iconreiyachan: for the cute birthday pic.… :D
:iconakitabrilia: for the sweet short story that almost give me cavities. :huggle:

And thanks for the birthday greetings!

PS. Sorry if I missed listing anyone here. :D :D

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