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954 OTTBS Cordis Confractum Est Draco

ID: 954
Show Name: 954 OTTBS Cordis Confractum Est Draco
Name translation: Heart Broken Dragon
Barn Name: Cord
Age: 5 (most art of him will show him younger)
Gender: Biologically Female | Mentally Male
Breed: EquusBallator - Light/Medium Mountain EB
Height: 16.3

PLEASE NOTE: The "membranes" of his wing horns are fairly thin and can be broken quite easily if one is too rough around Cord. Also he is deaf in his left ear, but can hear mostly out of his right (he will have trouble hearing anyone who is whispering)

Design Plaque
Point Tracker

Personality: Cord prefers for others to use he pronouns around him as he feels as if he was a stallion born into a mare's body. Because of this among him being born bald he is often made fun of and suffers from severe anxiety. His sister Teardrops is his main support and helps keep him afloat. He is super sweet and gentle and can be super funny, but thats only when he's comfortable around someone which can take awhile for it to happen.

Color: Silver Sooty Buckskin Roan Tobiano Calico Merle Calva (Mare) w/ Bald Mane mutation
Markings: socks, light/dark splotches, calva, tobiano, 
Geno: EE Aa nCr nZ nSty Rr nT nCry Mm CalCal

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: ID 432
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: ID 599
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: ID 431
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: E-150
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: ID 242
------------------------------------------ DDS: ID 4706
----------------- DD:  ID 725
------------------------------------------ DDD: F-141

OTTBS Breeding Rules
1. Mine - to Unknown - Paid/Unused
2. Mine - to Unknown - Paid/Unused
3. equine2210  - 3645 Zeus ab Exterminatore - Paid/Unused
4. HellishSam - to 137 Flilius a Tempestate - Paid (Slot Trade)/Used
5. Jrcartworks - to 291 Discorda - Paid/Used
naomithewolf  - to 4198 SLS Dederunt Hyacinthum Tempestatis - Paid/ Unused
7. TheMoon122 
- to Unknown - Paid/Unused
8-10. CLOSED

1. N/A
2. N/A
3. N/A
4.… Deceased
6. 5936 Audiri Tonitrua

breed (c) Fargonon
design/art/character (c) me Baylili00
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© 2016 - 2021 Baylili00
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Yep you're good to go~!
naomithewolf's avatar
here's the babyyy  5936 Audiri Tonitrua by naomithewolf
Baylili00's avatar
I adore her!
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Jrcartworks's avatar
Hello! Ive read your OTTBS Breeding Rules and was wondering if you would be willing to open a slot to this guy/girl?  
Baylili00's avatar
What would you be offering?
Also thanks for acknowledging the guy bit since most people are just happy to see him for the breeding purposes x;D
Jrcartworks's avatar
Haha no worries ❤ is 150pts and a headshot breeding pic okay? 
Baylili00's avatar
Sounds good to me ^^
Jrcartworks's avatar
Awesome ill send the pts through <3 This is who im using 291 Discorda
Baylili00's avatar
Baylili00's avatar
Thank you, you're free to use~ <3
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can i please take the slot for 100 and BP?
Baylili00's avatar
Sure thing~
Send me the points~
Also if you would please read my OTTBS Breeding Rules. I realized I forgot to put them on his ref~
(Also you have to breed him with other stallions in case you missed the part that he's biologically female ;P )
equine2210's avatar
Points sent and breeding rules have been read :) thanks 
Baylili00's avatar
Okay cool~
I'll be looking forward to the breeding pic and babe~ <3
equine2210's avatar
Here's the stallion I'll be using :) (I have to finish lots of payments of him first) 
3645 Zeus ab Exterminatore
Baylili00's avatar
Oh my goodness he's gorgeous~
I'm excited for this baby~ :la:
Mo-ve-d's avatar
Hi, I would like to use my slot but, it seems that she is too young to breed right now. Is it ok if you can age her up to five so I can use the slot?
Baylili00's avatar
Yes I will age her up, who shall you breed her to?
Baylili00's avatar
 alright hop you get something pretty
also if I may, I would like a slot to the foal bred ^^
Mo-ve-d's avatar
Ok! And I just sent the breeding note
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