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Harry Potter Portrait



1. This is an attempt I made trying to copy a picture I found online, but he turned out looking too serious and old. He's supposed to be in his first year... *sigh*

2. This isn't supposed to be Harry James Potter per se, he's Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres (as the top of the drawing shows in my half-legible handwriting), from the most amazing fanfiction in the history of ever (no really, even if you don't like fanfiction, check it out), Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. I'm not submitting it as fanart to because there's really no indication it's hpmor!Harry. I guess it does look more like him because he's all serious, and maybe it was because I was thinking of chapter 93 while drawing that it turned out that way.
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Maybe I'm just looking for it because you told me it's there, but I do think the intense seriousness makes it very much HPMOR!Harry.