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We die, we fight! Ms. Orc-14

We die, we fight! #MsOrc Ms. Orc. See more about her on AS-->…
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Wow, she's a fierce looking warrior.
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Hello, there!
My name is Andrew, and I'm the editor in chief of The Tel Mora Independent Press, a web-based publication dedicated to the sharing and exploration of art and writing created by the Elder Scrolls community. I was wondering if you would allow us to use this wonderful piece of art to run alongside one of our online submissions. We would of course provide adequate credit and a link back to your DeviantArt (or another site if you prefer).
If you'd like to see more, feel free to visit us at

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I always come back to this piece for inspiration. The three quarter view, the composition, the light source... they all play into each other so perfectly. The contraposto (?) Of the lunge, and the braids flowing back. A well-thought out piece.
I aspire to this level of work. I hope one day I can be even remotely close to your level. 
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Dude I love this :D especially the gesture!
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Now there's something I wound't rape with a smile.
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Seriously badass!
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You draw the best female orcs I've ever seen.
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Female orcs are the best.
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Wow! Superb character! Interesting composition and great play of light and shadow!

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Love your orc series. The textures of the brushes you use are just to die for, there's so much movement going on in this.
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Some propper anatomic studies backing these orc ladies up. What can I say, I love it. Big thumbs up dude !!
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this is so beautiful !!! ^^ 
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Man this art is so awesome that i keep telling my friends female orcs are awesome and now i have actual pictures to show what i see in my mind when i think of a female orc.
This is such great art, makes me hope you get picked up as a game artist for Elder Scrolls. ;)
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This is exactly how they should look I guess. Awesome work.
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Wow, her expression is amazing
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Damn!!! This female orc went very hardcore on this fight!!!
Both dynamic and savage. Really well done.
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Epic! This is a female orc done right! Love every detail of it!
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powerful work
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