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One of my favorites also!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎯

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Very beautiful in a dangerously seductive way. I love the inclusion of Zhar'doom, Greatstaff of the Devourer. (Yes I had to look up the name on my Warlock.)
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Wow! Very beautiful and fabulous work !!

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The lighting aswell as the shading.
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This artwork was also featured briefly in some "My Scariest Night" TV show segment about Succubus'. 8-)
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Omg i can start playing again
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thats dota you scrubs 
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I LOVE this image!
Oh boy, now this is difficult. I don't know if I like it more than the original. This one is smoother and I love the lighting here, but I fell in love with the original when I first saw it. It was mind-blowing. In my mind it became the definition of what a succubus should look like. Until this day all other depictions have failed before that beauty.
I do like in the new version that the wings are in the back. The original version is gorgeous, but there are too many elements on the head and that area felt a little "heavy".
Here are a few small things I liked better  in the original.
- The end of the tail does not hide behind the leg
- The slightly different position of her fingers make it seem like she is pulling harder the beard of the old man. You expect nothing less than a demon. In the new she is more playful.
- Her mouth is completely hidden behind her hand. This way we can't tell if she is smiling (as she seems to be in the new version) or if she is dead serious. I like that uncertainty because it adds mystery to the painting.
- The little imp and the scepter pop more because of the highlights. Perhaps the intent in the new version is to focus more on the protagonist herself instead of the imp, but I liked those details.
- The monster on the bottom right doesn't add much to the painting. At first I missed it completely, but I prefer the original because I can see clear that she is standing on some sort of a pedestal
- Finally, I like more the "dirtier" textures of the original. It makes the elements we see (rags, stones and even the unfortunate old man) look older and makes it a classic piece in my eyes.

To be perfectly clear, this is not a critique as I have zero painting skills, and I am the last one who would judge a marvelous piece of art like this; it is just my personal preferences and some things I noticed as I compared the two versions.
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DAAMN SON! Where did you find this?

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I love here the play with the light. Marvelous
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Love it, a fascinating demon lover..
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omg.. this is i absolytely love it, if it vere selection "favorite from favorite" i will add
I imagine in-universe this is why about 75% of Warlocks decide to follow that career path.
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this looks fantastic!
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