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Love, love, love IT! Also can't wait for the new movie to come out!
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i love how Celtic is cool and collective while Chopper is itching for a fight with is Scimitars ready.
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Celtic and Wolf armor, wrist blades, trishot plasma guns, typical armament... Boring 💤
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This is really cool. I love the predators and the background is amazing as well.
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she went this way
need to hunt... human or alien ?
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Looks great!
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wow.... This is stunning. Great job!!
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my childhood right there :D the first movie is the best, awesome work whit the pic. Winner 
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You made a Predator-fanboy very happy.
This picture is awesome, I love it. The lightning, the details, the dynamics. (Even the iconic movement of the predator's "dreadlocks")
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They stalk at the night,
they stalk at the day,
we were the predators,
now we are the pray.

We may never simply
treat death as a game,
for even the violent
simply begin as tame.

They now want revenge
but that is your fault,
and wanting revenge
brings science to a hault.

You may laugh at my speech
and 'know what you're facing',
but did you even realize,
that they've began tracing?
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The colors are gorgeous, it's just so vibrant <3
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I love everything Predator related! Really good job!!! :)
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love the atmosphere.
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such wonderful work!
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Of course it's Artstation material!
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Awesome and badass art work, congratulations! Clap Headbang! Shocked 
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Lovely composition.
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