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Ms. Orc-04

By bayardwu
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Some practice about Orc. 

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BurksaurusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Man, that looks really awesome. I love how she's riding the warg
Vamrem's avatar
Great! and would be even greatest in color!
mrJB27's avatar
mrJB27Professional Digital Artist
Fantastic gesture!
lazy-brush's avatar
lazy-brushProfessional General Artist
Bayardwu, your work is gorgeous! I want to learn from such talented artists like you. In your pictures you are delightfully convey volume and play of light and shadow. Clap  Keep doing what you are doing! I wish you the best! Heart bum 
EdGarcia's avatar
I endorse much that has been said about this series of Orc works.
deerbard's avatar
deerbardProfessional Digital Artist
Orcs' high reproductivity solved.
kaze26's avatar
TheDigitalDauber's avatar
Incredible work!
Crysomandiaz's avatar
CrysomandiazHobbyist General Artist
Looks cool, but would be nice if her overall body reflected that she is not human. Right now, its just a head with big teeth stuck on Frank Frazetta-body.
GrChCroata's avatar
GrChCroataProfessional Digital Artist
Never thought about using "Frank Frazetta body" as a descriptive term, genuis!
Crysomandiaz's avatar
CrysomandiazHobbyist General Artist
Frazetta had a hot bod 😆
usoutlaw's avatar
well orcs are more humanoid than they are monster. the tusked head and green skin are hallmarks of the species
Crysomandiaz's avatar
CrysomandiazHobbyist General Artist
Really? :D My point is that it would be nice to see a break from tradition and provide humanoids with bodies that are not carbon copies of humans.
usoutlaw's avatar
yea but thats why there called humanoid. because they resemble humans. fantasy is where you see the closest though
Crysomandiaz's avatar
CrysomandiazHobbyist General Artist
A deviation from the whole 4-limbed body plan would be a breath of fresh air...
j62ul3fu6's avatar
love this !!!!!! 
lostpapers's avatar
THis serie is just astonishing.

what sort of references have you used for them, I'm so impressed by your mastery
RebellingLemming's avatar
RebellingLemmingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Stunning Orc!
RustEdThoughts's avatar
RustEdThoughtsProfessional General Artist
Love the sense of motion.
rcoots's avatar
rcootsHobbyist General Artist
Awesome. Love the texture and values!
MANDO-AZ's avatar
MANDO-AZHobbyist Digital Artist
bare breasted orc HardCore!
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