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Loading screen illustration work for Total War: Warhammer II, the Lizardmen.…
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I have nearly finished writing up a 40K codex (70 pages so far) for Lizardmen and would like to add some art to it. If I include your name and a link to this image, may I please include it in the codex?
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My favourite faction, the seraphon. My top favourite beast from the faction is the Carnosaur :)
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I am detecting a serious lack of Pepe jokes here.
Seriously though, sweet image.
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Entire army of Warhammer lizardmen was ready for battle against warm blooded species.
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damn, amazing detailing! :)
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I want to see the little ones riding the big ones who in turn are riding the biggest ones. And atop this precarious stack o' dino must be perched a pterodactyl, straining with all its might to carry them.
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I like how you incorporated different types of reptiles from dinosaurs to smaller lizards into this.  Really really cool! :)
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FINALLY! I can see what's at the center of this picture without some stupid tooltip in the way!
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Onward! To Albion!!! this is nothing less than breathtaking, amazing work
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Wow! Any change we can get this bigger here on DA?
Cut to a tasteful scene of Elves and Humans being made into Dinner!
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Absolutely brilliant!   :-)
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On their way to the pub.
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Magnificent work.  :heart:
Question: if the Slann were meant to be in control of the orcs creating them as their military caste, why are they in control of the lizardment in the fantasy version? Is it only the in the 40k version that this applies?
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I think Fantasy is quite different in that regard. In it, only the Lizardmen are truely aware of and controlled by the Old Ones. The races of the world were all created to battle the foretold Chaos invasion, but each race lacked in some regard. The Slann only took over later when the Old Ones were already gone, left with only their 'bodyguard' race. Iirc the Ogres would have been the last race created and also been the one to destroy Chaos ... if they were completed before the Invasion. In the end they turned out as .. well, Ogres.
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