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Joan Of Arc

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Very nice. And believable!
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This is soo epic! 
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This is great.
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2nd most badass female French in history of mankind.
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So who's the first in your rating ?  really wants to know (the "2nd" really did stir my curiosity) 
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That would be my coworker Anna.
That woman saved my life so many times I can't count it anymore and all without getting a single scratch. She's one of the few coworkers that go on every buisness trip with me.
Let's just say I feel much safer camping in Bosnia with her having my back. (I'm a bear magnet.)
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A BEAR MAGNET ? HAHAHAHAH that's funny to hear (maybe not that funny to live...)
And I don't know if you already did, but say it to her, it'll make her day.
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beautiful lines... she's perfect
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This honestly makes me want to take up arms and chaaarge! :iconargplz:
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dude, that's my confirmation saint! all the favorites!
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Absolutely epic! I love your depiction of female strength, all of them. Make more!
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Joan Of Arc is beautiful!!!
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Ya you know the french aristocrats were so greatfull to her that they sold her to the English who after burning her made her a saint 200 years before the French. no good deed goes unpunished heh?
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Well, if you look at history and not the legend:

- She was mostly a figurehead, brave and inspiring, but not really a tactical genius. Most of the heavy lifting was done by the generals like La Hire (i.e. destruction of the English Longbows at Patay, a significant turning point, since it was too expensive for the English to reform the Corps)

- She lost her political clout after the failed siege of Paris, and her war at all cost philosophy was seen as a liability by the French King, who wanted to negotiate with the Burgundians (who were pissed at him because of his alleged involvement in the murder of the Duke of Burgundy)

- When the Burgundian ramsomed her, the French did not move and let the English have her. The Burgundians actually offered her several times to the French. ("Really ? You're not going to save her ?") before giving her to the English. 

- Since she was instrumental in the French King Coronation, the English were adamant to cast her as a witch, in order to cast said coronation as invalid ( the former, mad, French King having disinhirited the Dauphin, his own son, in favor of the English King). Hence her trial and condemnation. 

She was not a saint until much later, when her image was revived for religious (Church vs State separation in France ) and nationalistic propaganda (WWI)

Also, and more to the point, this is a fantastic picture...
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Well, somebody certainly does their homework! Thanks for the info! I always figured that is why she really got in trouble. Just like general Patton when we advocated attacking the Red Army in Berlin ruins. It's safe too say all the allied commanders wanted to burn him at the stake.
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Burgundians (allies of the English at this moment) sold Joan to the English when they captured her in 1430, not the French.
Please do not tell lies if you don't know what you are talking about.
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"Please do not tell lies if you don't know what you are talking about."
But by all means, lie if you know what you're talking about? lmao :p
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Right allies of the English, the second part is true. Seriously this was a woman back in a totally massagonistic era, it's classic political ass covering and of course men maintaining the status quo. A martyr is more useful the a female badass back in the day.
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