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Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

A cover art done for MythicGames.
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Amazing colour, lighting, and some crazy imagery!
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Death's horse looks so surprised at how other horsemen ride their horses.
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"Death... I think this is not exactly how you ride a horse... It's just my opinion" 
JESUS CHRIST. this picture makes me think about how the next devil may cry game should be dante fighting these to prevent the apolpyse.  it would start with someone trying to summon them, this would make a perfect DMC STORY. anybody else think so?
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I love these designs so much. I think my favorite has to be how Pestilence's horse has a design similar to a plague doctor, with its hood/cloak and the long beak-like skull. Using an ox for Famine was such a good idea, it fits perfectly. The attention to detail, the beautiful colors and the out of the box ideas throughout this are amazing, even the birds look really creepy and cool.
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Fantastic designs!
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I can't stop laughing at death's horse!! xD

in soviet russia horse rides you!Sokka's wave

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"Sir, I think there is something wrong with your horse.."
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"Dammit, Roach !"
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sweet! great depiction!
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Famine, War and Death all carry pestilence 
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Famine generally leads to Pestilence. Regardless if Pestilence is a later interpretation or not, Pestilence rides with the horsemen.
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That upside down horse looks so funny :D
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Death's horse being upside down can represent how death itself is the opposite of life in every way.  The scythe is a tool for harvesting grain, yet it is used to harvest souls.  A horse's life depends on its legs, for if one gets broken or injured, that horse is done for.  As for the Pestilence/Conquest debate, I'm leaning more toward Pestilence due to the fact that War and Conquest have long become nearly one in the same, and the miniature building on the back of the ox looks like a Gothic church, a place where the people gathered to pray for an end to the Black Plague, but ended up only spreading it faster (If I am not mistaken, the churches were somewhat involved in collecting and disposing of the plague dead).  Another hint is the single raven perched on the top of it, as flocks of ravens would gather to feast on the masses of dead bodies.
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Obviously looks great! My favorite part is the warped, unnatural design of the horses themselves. Secondary favorite would be the visual differences between the riders that make them clearly distinct from one another.
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I want to pledge for the game, your art and the figs are awesome!
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I am so happy you included conquest. Pestilence is not a true horseman of the apocalypse but most people think it is.
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