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Dragon Boss

A key art I did for NCsoft in 2014.
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Really amazing work.

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Freaking sick!
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This looks incredible. La la la la 
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*rolls a nat 5, nothing happens other then drawing it's attention to me. it rolls a nat 20, crit, as I get swallowed whole by it. I roll a nat 1 and gently rub from inside as I slowly get digested, unable to escape as I soon get reduced to mere HP and EXP for the boss*
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1 range DD
2 melee DD with 2H weapons
2 tanks
2 mages (one is probably a healer and the other is DD)
but what is that...thing up front? with glowing thingies?

anyway, the party is doomed, too many tanks = not enough DPS. Shoulda traded one tank for a range DPS or a mage. Or a dual weapon rogue.

Ya la quisiera ver que tan valiente es si en vez de ese bicho, se enfrenta al Barón Nashor
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O.O that...looks....impressive
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My DnD group literally 6 hours ago. We got destroyed ....
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Another amazing piece! I'd love to see your process from sketch to completed work.

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This is totally amazing, love the composition and colors!
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You are amazing <3. That layout, the values, the movement!
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Good morning, Sooo Awesome!!!!!!!. 
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Ah looks like epic dnd scene:D Very cool art :D
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Good energy and emotions in this! :clap:
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