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3 words: New Desktop Background :D
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 Dry cool picture of this awesome being. Love your artwork.
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my days, that's amazing
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Now THAT is a dragon god! *o*
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The fiery lights in this are awesome La la la la
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Hey all. As you can see from the Copyright on the image, that's for Square Enix. Which means that this is Bahamut from the Final Fantasy series, which, to be honest, is probably immediately obvious to long-time FF fans but there are a number of people posting here about D&D.

This isn't a good guy. See this video to see Bahamut in action:…

...and of course the artwork is amazing. I love your dragons, OP. I use some of these as my desktop wallpapers. Thank you for sharing your work.
Dragonlord-Daegen's avatar one big ass dragon,is this D&D bahamut?

if so deathewng and tiamat combined aint got nothing on him!
Amazing! The size of the dragon make this picture really epic. The lights and colors are splendid too. Great job
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Dragon of the Apocalypse!! YAAAAAY!!!!
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Wow. Oh my... there isn't words...
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simply breathtaking, Nice Work! :)
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Amazing rendition of the DnD dragon god of good. I think I lost my jaw when I saw this.
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Only it's Bahamut from the Final Fantasy series
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Nope. Talking is going to be pretty interesting from here on out.
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oh man this is way too good!
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Those clouds... just incredible, so amazing!!
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So his footsteps cause subatomic explosions? Wow! Nice art work though, you convey size and strength very well in this image.
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That cloud rendering is impressive, love the whole artwork! :clap: 
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Whadafuck this is so amazing.. 
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Stunning dragon yes, but I have to admit, I'm so in love with the clouds! Perfect effect!
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Wow!! insane dragon/beast!!!

Nicely executed!!! :)
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