OTTBS Breeding Rules

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  • While slots are listed at a specific price, I am open to offers. All offers are considered for slots. Art is JUST as acceptable as USD. Even slot trades or design trades have a potential to be accepted. Art is often preffered.
    • If a certain creature's slots are listed as closed, this can be due to a multitude of reasons such as having no more or them holding a special place to me. You are more than welcome to inquire about a slot to them, but there is a much higher chance of me not agreeing to give out a slot or demanding a high price for these kind of slots.

  • When it comes down to payment and not wanting a slot anymore, I can not be able to reimburse you for any art that you have done and if you delete said art then I will cut you off from being able to purchase a slot from one of my creatures for at the minimum of 6 months. When it comes to money, I will hold it for 2 weeks, but if after 2 weeks is up (and we had no prior discussion) then I can not reimburse you.

  • I completely understand breeding to get a specific color or mutation, but I also would like to see the offspring used and gain levels if applicable for their breed. However, even if you decide to use the foal as a breeding machine I will not try take it away. I would just prefer it to not be solely that.

  • Parent slots are not required, but I do like them and if you do give me one, I will inform you whether or not I would like to keep it/use it.

  • Once a slot is yours, its mostly yours. If you would like to give it to someone else, please disucuss it with me. This was originally a transaction between us. There was a reason I gave you a slot and not someone else. I am open to you trading/selling slots, but please disucuss with me first.

  • IF you are thinking about deceasing a foal out of any of my horses, I would like to be informed. I would much rather have the foal come back to me then see it dead. If you are selling it, I would also like to be informed and be able to buy it back for the price of the slot. If you are gifting, it is fine by me, but it would be nice to be informed whom it is going to so I can keep track where the children of my creatures are  going to ;P 

    By asking for a slot it is assumed that all rules have been read and agreed upon. Please note that I can add and remove rules as I see fit.

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All terms have been read and agreed to :D Thanks!