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Puppybears Species Guide

Puppybears are a Closed Species currently owned/managed by Veemonsito :iconveemonsito:!
The first Puppybear design was done by oncha, and the species creator/previous owner (who also made this Species Guide) was luckymiso.

As of now only MYO slots are avaible, please note Veemonsito for futher info about it.
Remember Puppybears are a Closed Species, therefore you cannot make your own without the owner permission, and you need to get the design approved (by Veemonsito) before you are allowed to actively use it!

Puppybears are essentially teddy bear/dog hybrids. They are companion creatures.

Star! Species group: :iconpuppybearland:

:star: General anatomy/body shape:
Puppybears have puppy-like body shapes, but they are on the tubbier side. They have oversized heads, with the head typically almost as big as the torso. Their limbs are extremely chubby and as a result it is hard to tell where the individual joints are just from looking at one. Their size varies from as small as palm-sized, to really big, as tall as 1 meter, however the ends of the spectrum are rare, and most Puppybears are M sized, approximately the size of a bear cub. Refer to picture below:

:star: Paws, eyes, mouth and ears:
:bulletblue: Paws
A Puppybear has 5 toes on each back paw, and 4 toes and an opposable thumb on their front paws. this enables them to grab and hold small objects like small balls and toothbrushes, but not thick objects like cups without the handles. they do not have claws.

:bulletblue: Eyes
Most Puppybears have regular eyes with irises and pupils, but some are found without pupils, or with shaped ones. It is extremely uncommon for a Puppybear to have button eyes as these are considered mutations, such Puppybears are mostly born blind. Heterochromia is evident in the species, although also rare.

:bulletblue: Mouth (tongue)
Some Puppybears have unnatural mouth (tongue) colors or even bioluminescent tongues. These normally indicate rare stuffing.

:bulletblue: Ears
Variations in ears of the species have not been recorded.

:star: Stuffing and patches:
:bulletblue: Stuffing
Puppybears emit stuffing when they sneeze, cough, poop or similar action. The stuffing may have up to 3 colors.
Oh yeah, they don't pee, btw. Nobody knows where the pee goes.

:bulletblue: Patches
Sometimes when a Puppybear engages in rough play or is mishandled, it might be wounded. As such, patches are applied to the injury. These patches do not come off, and cannot be taken off.

:star: Tails and accessories:
:bulletblue: Tails
Most Puppybear tails are round and stubby, but sometimes Puppybears with long tails are born. Some people dock these tails, and there is a lot of controversy around this act. Anyway, some tails squeak when pressed, and some Puppybears have no tail at all.

:bulletblue: Accessories
Almost every Puppybear has an accessory. The most frequently seen are neck ribbons and bell collars, but there are many different accessories available.

:star: Miscellaneous
:bulletblue: Replacement legs
When Puppybears decide to go into a romantic relationship with each other, they might switch a limb with each other, so they always have a part of their special one with them! This also applies to other relationships like between close friends, but with close friends it's usually just a toe or something. The replacement part has the colour/markings of the original owner of the part.

:bulletblue: Barcode/name tags
Some Puppybears have tags with their owner's username/name on it, and a barcode behind. There are mixed responses to this; Some owners decide to remove it, although some keep it.

:bulletblue: Suction cup/string holders
Suction cup holders and strings are often seen on the smaller Puppybears, as they get lost easily due to their size. This evolutionary trait enables their owners to stick them/tether them somewhere to prevent them from wandering off.
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