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Spirit Traveller

Savi at a portal.

This is another of my pictures from last century that never had any public exposure until now. It's actually the first half of a larger work: I had ambitions of putting him at a mirror and having myself touching his finger in the same pose. (I'm not Savi. But ... long story.) I lost my nerve drawing the second half -- couldn't pencil anything that I liked well enough to finish, so I just scanned the silhouette by itself.

This was created in 1999, two years before the iPod gave silhouettes their 15 minutes of fame. The digital coloring was done in the late, lamented Mac art program ColorIt, which was a distant Photoshop rival for a while with a distilled featureset that did everything I needed it to do and a much simpler interface. My lack of ColorIt is one of the largest reasons I haven't seriously arted in years.

Media: Inked pencils, scanned and digitally colored.
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I linked to a reasonably coherent version of the longer story from the same journal entry you followed to get here. It's woo-woo kind of stuff. *shrug*

Glad you like it!
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I'd be interested in hearing that long story. This is quite intriguing. Silhouettes are fun to work with and there's an air of mystery about this one. My favourite of the work you've kindly shared so far.