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Racing Stripes

Media: Inked pencils, scanned and digitally edited/colored.

This one comes to us from the wilds of 2001. In fact, I'm posting it almost eight years to the day after finishing it! Go me!

I guess everyone's got their youthful indiscretions to own up to. Mine's an in-joke that developed from an old conversation with Ssthisto. After a long evening of drinking hard cider ("40 Proof": at screen resolution, the labels on the vats are hard to read), a certain dragon tries to piece together the events of the previous evening. This captures the moment when he finally realizes what the heck those paint cans are doing there ...

And people wonder why I drink so rarely.
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That's awesome! I should mention that I finally got in touch with Rah-Bop only to find that she moved away recently. *facepalm*