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Meet Savi. Bodyguard by day, but when his mind wanders ...

This is another of my pictures from last century that never had any public exposure until now. (Procrastinate much, self?) There's plenty to be embarrassed about -- notably the left arm, which would be hideously, painfully dislocated if drawn from life -- but the shading turned out alright and overall I think it's held up pretty well. (Note: At full size there are some artifacts between the lines and background shading. Keep in mind this was in 1999, and we didn't have alpha channels like all you young whippersnappers. No, we just merged non-transparent layers. Uphill. Both ways.)

Media: Inked pencils, scanned and digitally colored.
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Quite amazing :) I love his horn pendant, that's a nice little extra. He looks really absorbed, concentrating hard.
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The horn pendant is actually based on a piece of shell I made into a necklace .... ah, there we go: [link] . It's a talisman I was given as a gift back during my time as a young and dedicated mage.

I'm really happy with the expression. :)
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:XD: That's awesome! Thanks for the link.